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Self-Realization & Healing

Into The Unknown


Hello there! I'm April. I am a channel, a meditation facilitator, intuitive life coach, and creator. It is my desire to be an anchor of Love and Light on this planet as it shifts into an expanded consciousness. I know, everyone says "love and light" these days and it can sound corny and overused...but there is REAL meaning behind it if you are open to understanding. ​To me, "Love and Light" is the foundation of our very being. It's what infuses everything with life and is the energy flow from Source that brings what we need for healing of the mind, body, and is what brightens our path of is what calls our hearts in hope that we will follow. Truth, Harmony, Joy, Compassion, Wisdom, Peace, Unity, Empowerment, Community, Equality, Hope, Gratitude, Freedom, Expression, and Openness...are some of the values that I want to embody on Earth in a form that is sustainable. In order for this work to be sustainable, people need to remember who they really are. Humans have spent a very long time abiding in a separation mentality which has caused all manner of imbalance. Now is the time of the Great Awakening, the realization of who we truly are and I believe that there will come a time when "Love and Light" is not just a cringy phrase, but an actualized state of being. ​I know it can be frustrating or even scary to see and hear all these unpleasant things from our screens and devices, but it is only Truth uncovering what had been hidden, which is necessary if we want something better. We cannot change what we cannot see. ​My mission and my purpose in this sacred time is to be an anchor and channel of the energy stream from offer my gifts and abilities to those who are seeking healing, self-realization, and purpose. ​The words, products, and services you find on, will lead you into the Journey of the Unknown. ​May you find what you are looking for. ​- April Ann Roy

April created a personalized meditation for a workshop I lead where I guide women through a hands-on herbal facial experience. I wanted to offer a deeper experience during the mask portion. April gathered info I wanted the participants to feel and then crafted a guided meditation to her own music. It is truly a magical experience. I even received benefits, pain in my neck went away. Herbal Facial participants have also had emotional releases and have commented on how much they love it.


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