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What People Are Saying

My experience with April was a guided meditation through the chakras with the intention of releasing fear to shine more brightly. As an experienced yoga teacher myself, I have done many meditations like this with celebrity yoga teachers and meditation coaches. April is naturally gifted with a higher level of intuition and consciousness than most...and was able to sense what was needed to restore balance and flow in each of my chakras very effectively. She is magical and uses her gifts to help everyone unlock their own unique powers for love and light!!! If you want to lead a life filled with purpose and more JOY book a session with April today!           

- Carol

April created a personalized meditation for a workshop I lead where I guide women through a hands-on herbal facial experience. I wanted to offer a deeper experience during the mask portion. April gathered info I wanted the participants to feel and then crafted a guided meditation to her own music. It is truly a magical experience. I even received benefits, pain in my neck went away. Herbal Facial participants have also had emotional releases and have commented on how much they love it.


The meditation I did with April was very powerful in releasing fears and perfectionism that were holding me back from reaching my full potential. This has brought much more joy and clarity to my life!!!

- Joan 

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