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Understanding the Illusion of Time

A large, intricate clock hovering above the earth, surrounded by other planets and the universe as a backdrop

This morning, as I hovered in the beautiful state between sleep and wake I found myself watching the Earth move around the sun with the other planets in our solar system, leaving whispy white trails behind them as they moved. I could see different angles, paths, and trajectories that all of these bodies were making and where they were set to go.

"What is this?" I asked of the Great Unknown.

"You are witnessing what creates the illusion of time." Said the Great Unknown. The void of possibility spoke within me as if I had always known of this, but had forgotten about it.

"Please tell me more!" I said. Having been wondering and asking for a very long while to know about how time is perceived in our physical reality, I was extremely excited to learn!

"You stand upon your planet called Earth as it spins at a certain rate, causing what you call day and night, depending on which part of the Earth is facing or turned away from the sun. This is one cycle that gives the illusion of a full day that your people have divided into sections called, hours, minutes, and seconds.

On a larger scale, your Earth makes a path around the Sun, this cycle is what you have called a year which is divided up into many weeks and days.

An even larger scale is the cycle that your Earth makes as your solar system takes it along another path within your Galaxy, the Milky Way which takes hundreds of millions of your years.

These spiraling paths are not only moving in supposed horizontal patterns as you have seen in scientific diagrams, but patterns that appear to be verticle or diagonal as well. As your Earth is spinning and rotating around your sun within your solar system, the Solar System itself, as well as the Milky Way are traveling through the universe in a pattern that seems to defy what you have all learned, expanding and spiraling in many directions all within the NOW. And this is why your scientists say that your universe is expanding.

It continues to expand because you continue to look for what is beyond it. This action that you do within your imaginative mind, allows for the possibility of something else to be created outside the realms in which you have already explored or been curious about.

Forgive us if this appears to be a crude explanation. We are doing our best to explain something highly intricate within the confines of your language and you current understanding.

The illusion of time is partially represented by movement within the cycles that you experience. Movement facilitates MANY illusions within your reality.

The patterns and paths of movement that your Earth makes within these various systems cause the illusion of time. With each full cycle, there is given the appearance of time...but, no time at all has passed because, as we have stated before, time is simply an illusion you use for the game you are playing. Your people are very good at creating constructs that help reality play out in the ways you want to explore and time is one of these constructed exploration simulations.

The process of birth, growth, and death are all constructs within the illusion of time as well. Aging adds to this illusion in a very rich and interesting way. All of this makes your reality appear to you as if time is passing, but, in truth, there is no time passing at all. All of this makes time appear real because of cyclical motion.

Cycles exist through many realms of reality and those who are in these realities use those cycles as a means to explore the idea of "time" in their specific reality.

When you plant a seed and see it grow from a seedling into a small tree, into a large tree, and then finally it falls over and becomes dirt as it decomposes, you give this cycle meaning by identifying it with the idea of time at various rates.

Some of you may be aware that astronauts who are above your planet for longer periods experience a type of slowing of time and when they get back to Earth, their bodies have aged at a slower rate than those who have remained on Earth during that same period. It is the same with other planets that cycle your sun...some of them, if you were to go to them, would facilitate the illusion of an extremely sped-up version of what you call "time". And some of them, if you were to go to them, would facilitate the illusion of a slowing down of "time".

If time, as you think of it, were something that was "real" none of these things would happen. The passing of time would be stable no matter where you were in the universe. Whether you were on Earth, just outside of the Earth sphere or at the edges of your solar system or your galaxy, time would remain fixed and how much of it appeared to have passed would not shift or bend.

We, (those who speak to you) are outside of your construct of time that you have created for yourself. But, we are not without cycles. Our cycles take place over millions or billions or trillions of your years and beyond into cycles that cannot be measured by us at all. For we are also in a type of created illusion to experience what it means to have this type of movement of reality.

The complete cessation of cyclical motion and "time" would be the compression of returning to the singularity. And then, because of the nature exploration of Source Energy, it would expand again from the singularity and that is the most grand of all the cycles.

We would encourage all of you who read this to explore the idea of cycles without forcing them into the box of time. In this type of exploration, it is possible to allow a new experience within your current reality that you have never tapped into before. And this new experience facilitates the expansion and evolution of your individual self as well as the larger collective that you are a part of.

May your cycles be blessed with extraordinary wonder!"


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