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Facing The Abyss - Poetry

Image by Genty from Pixabay - Edits By April Ann Roy


Great curious Unknown

Hidden in darkness

Provoking untamed fear

Terror of your unseen eyes

Panic roars ugly

Pinching at my nerves

Eating away

At the sides of my mind

A choice in the journey before me

Jump or hide

Your vibration calls me

I am breathless

I stumble


I fling myself headlong off the edge into the unending black of your acceptance...

Your arms if you have them

Your heart if it exists

Absolution of decision

No turning back

I am swallowed by foreboding transforms...unnerving possibilities unfold before me

I am struck with wonder...falling deep into the Abyss of You

Your nameless face seeks the core of me

To uncover me

To evolve me

Inside out with fright...although last reserves of defiance snuffed out by intrigue




Entrapment...I release into your depths

To seek

To explore

To find myself in Your eternal see the Face of the Abyss, your thorough eyes staring far down into the me that is in You


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