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How to "Raise your Frequency"

vintage radio

It's common to hear the phrase, "Raise your vibration" (or frequency), especially in spiritual circles when people are talking about the desire to experience life from a higher, lighter state of being.

Let's get into how this works.

You are not actually changing your frequency. You are shifting or focusing into a NEW frequency in order to have a new experience. In order to understand this concept, you must first understand that you and I, everything and everyone, ARE the I AM.

Meaning: there is only ONE thing in existence. That ONE thing is what people sometimes call God, Source, the Universe, the Creator, infinite intelligence, etc. This ONE thing, (let’s call it the I AM) cannot be anything other than what it is…which is pure awareness, beingness, and energy. These words are pretty crude at explaining it, but it’s the best we can do with spoken language.

Now, the I AM has decided that it wants to know itself, it wants to have an experience, and so it has fragmented itself into infinite “pieces” that we call creation in order to explore, enjoy, and experience itself as physical and non-physical beings and things that only appear to be separate.

All of these pieces are like mini creators and all have the ability to create their own reality at one level or another. Some pieces, like the elements, have a very limited ability to create within their reality, imperceivable to most humans. Other pieces, like non-physical, highly evolved, higher density beings have a much more expanded ability to create.

All of these pieces ARE the I AM.

We just think that we are separate individuals or things. It’s okay if you do not have an experiential wisdom of this concept, that will come in time. This is focused specifically on the idea of frequency so I needed a base point from which to start.

At its core, because the I AM is all things, its frequency cannot change, because it IS all the frequencies at the same time. BUT – as the I AM is fragmented into the part that is called YOU (the personality that you express with a name and body) it is limiting itself to a specific frequency, kind of like a radio that is picking up a specific signal or station that is being broadcast. Now, if you want to change your frequency what you are actually doing is tuning your radio device to a new station.

You, who is a mini creator with a name and a body, have the ability to “shift” or choose which frequency or station you are tuned into in order to create the experience that you desire.

On a radio device, there are nobs or buttons that you can manipulate in order to change the station you are listening to. Of course, we don’t have nobs or buttons on our bodies or in our minds in order to change what we experience. So, our focus, attention, awareness, intention, imagination, and beliefs are like the nobs and buttons.

Saying that we "raise our vibration or frequency" is a convenient way to talk about having a more awakened experience in physical reality, or being able to allow more light to flow through your life, but it is not quite accurate.

This process of raising is more like a tuning that I just gave an example about. You are not changing yourself, you are shifting or tuning yourself to an experience you would rather have where Light, Love, and Harmony can more easily flow through you.

As I alluded to earlier, all of the frequencies already exist and are ready to be tuned into. BUT – just because they exist, does not mean you are in the vicinity of being able to reach them easily or immediately.

Our tuning system is not like a modern digital screen where you can enter the radio station number and click in right away. Our tuning system is much more like an old-fashioned radio with a nob that you turn in order to move the indicator line back and forth. In the “old days” back when I was a kid, we had to manually turn a nob and watch the indicator move until it got to the number that represented the station we wanted. We couldn’t bypass stations by punching in a number.

If the radio was left on 89.5 FM and we wanted to get to 101.3 FM, we had to scroll through every single radio station on the way to it. And as we turned passed all the other stations we would briefly hear static or blurbs of speaking or music from other stations.

If your life has been tuned to lower frequencies, tuning yourself to a much higher frequency or vibration might take some time to get from where you are to where you want to be. As you experience the frequencies between where you are and where you want to be, you may hear, see, or experience things that you do not prefer. Just like passing over stations on the radio that you do not wish to hear.

YOU are doing the tuning. No one is doing it for you or against your will. Remember, focus, attention, awareness, intention, imagination, and beliefs are all tools that can be used in order to tune your life to that which you want to experience.

Imagination creates experiences in your perceived future that exist in other possible frequencies or on other stations. If you want to “raise your frequency or vibration”, use your imagination mixed with the energy of how it will feel when you experience it and then drop it before your mind starts introducing limiting beliefs about the possibilities of what you want.

This also works if you want to "shift timelines", which I will get into in another post.

When you focus your attention in a specific direction, you are “tuning” your life to a specific frequency that already exists because you have created it with your imagination and energy.

Now, if your attention wavers and is distracted by your past experiences and beliefs, the broadcast that you are attempting to tune into can sound staticky and choppy and you will not perceive the full transmission of the broadcast.

All of this is okay.

As you shift into new frequencies that you DO want to experience, there will be distractions, confusions, reflections of the self that are asking to be looked at, veils that need to be dropped, and egoic expressions that need to be integrated. These things can be challenging.

Give yourself love and acceptance on your way to shifting into new frequencies that you are not used to tuning into.

All you need to remember is that you will go in the direction of your focus, attention, awareness, intention, imagination, and beliefs.

Use these tools with conscious wisdom on your journey.


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