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What Your Passion REALLY Is

Do you know what your passion really is?

I bet you've at least asked yourself that question once in your life. Maybe it arises when you have to get up and go to a job you hate. Perhaps when you tally up what you don't have. Or when you feel so far away from your dreams. Maybe it comes when you don't feel like what you have or what you do is enough. It could show up when it feels like all spark and joy have been sucked out of your life, or that you are stuck in a cycle of blah.

I'll tell you what your passion actually is, and I'm not even being least not at this moment.

Every single person's passion is the exact same. You just don't know it.


You don't have to go find your passion, your destiny, or your purpose. It's not hidden from you. A higher power didn't skip you when it was doling out gifts. Knowing your passion, destiny, and purpose doesn't call you to spend money on books and workshops to dig it out like a buried treasure or spend the rest of your life desperately trying to unlock it.

A career, a relationship, a better home, fulfilling a dream, accomplishing things, being successful, doing something that makes life feel like it has meaning, or like you are contributing to the greater good...all these things are fine, they are experiences in human life and there is nothing wrong with any desire that we have.

But we have to struggle to keep these things or to keep them from changing. We fight and hold tightly to maintain a certain way of life, so we can keep feeling a certain way. And if we lose something, or if it doesn't work out, we feel lost, broken, empty, worthless...

When we hear, "Money can't buy happiness" or "Temporary things don't matter" or "Getting what you want won't solve anything" we all nod our heads and kind of get least on the surface. But we don't actually know it because we keep seeking things to do or have. We keep trying to fill the bottomless pit that is never satisfied.

And it's not even a void we are trying to's the perception, the lie that there is even a void to fill in the first place.

There is no void. There never was a void and there will never be a void. It's an illusion.

The illusion is that who we are is not good enough, that there is something to fix, that there is something wrong, and that there is more that we need to have, more that we need to do. We can even become trapped in the desire to be of service to others, feeling useless or pointless if we can't. Finding our purpose or passion may seem different than seeking wealth, possessions or adventures, but it's not.

When we don't know who we are, the seeking never ends.

We are addicted to replacing our fading interests with new desires. Call it what you want, desire, purpose, meaning, destiny,'s all the same thing just packaged a little bit differently, seen from another angle...but they all lead to a never-ending search for good feelings, an unquenchable thirst to continue the seeking to make us feel more "right".

We seek after a thing to have or a thing to do because we want to FEEL something. We want to feel joy, peace, happiness, satisfaction, contentment, freedom, love...all those good things. We want to feel like we are worth something. Like we mean something to the God/Source. And that idea comes from the fact that we do not know who we ARE.

We confuse our desires with who we think we are.

Knowing who we are is not about the things we like or dislike, our desires and abilities, our gifts or talents. It is not our gender or our story. Knowing who we are is NOT what we identify with, not about the labels we give's not about the categories we sort ourselves into...those are all just aspects of the personality and biology, things that have developed (in part) as a result of the people we grew up with, the culture we are in and everything we were taught.

Who we really are, has nothing to do with any of that.

YOU are that which you seek

The passion, purpose, and destiny that you seek is your SELF.

The SELF that is eternal. The SELF that is whole, lacking nothing. The SELF that IS pure love and light. This is the TRUE SELF. It is the natural state of being.

The true SELF doesn't "have" love or peace or wisdom, or any of those feelings or states we seek after, it IS these aspects. It can't be anything else. Those things that we feel are missing, broken, or lost are actually just covered up by attachment to labels, identities, our stories, and beliefs. We don't have to find all the "good" stuff.

We ARE the good stuff.

We have been taught into believing that we lack something, that we need something, and that we are separate from our true nature and Source Energy and that is why we seek it. If we truly knew who we were to the depths, the seeking and doing to feel complete would cease.

Even self-development is a form of seeking something that we think is separate from us. We think that in being a better person and being more spiritual or giving back to others will somehow fill the void or make us feel like we are worth something or that life has meaning. But that is a never-ending trail as well.

All those books and courses and workshops about personal growth and self-realization are great! They help a lot of people. They have certainly helped me on my spiritual journey, and that is why I offer my services to others...but I would like to bring a deeper understanding.

See, authors and speakers and coaches are mistaking our "desires" for our true "passion". But they are not the same.

Your passion, which you think is fulfilled by seeking and getting what you desire...


You can never be taken away from yourself. You will never lose yourself. No one can destroy you. You are always with you. And YOU are never lacking a single thing. Ever.

The body and mind may suffer from a lack of fulfilled desire, ill health, and the perception of fragmentation. But none of those things are who we actually are. Those are experiences that we are having while in physical form.

We think that it is external things, even serving other people with purpose and meaning, that bring us a sense of joy, rightness, and freedom...but it isn't. Those things trigger a removal of the veil between our perception and our true nature. So for just a moment, as our heart is open wide because we are doing something we enjoy, we get a peek into the inner world of SELF. We feel the limitless energy of who we are.

When we see it, when we feel it, we are momentarily enlightened...awakened...wise with the love and light of the Infinite Source of all that is. And then we mistakingly associate that little peek with the thing we did, or the thing we bought, or the experience we had which causes us to continue seeking things that will open the heart so we can feel that again.

Our purpose, our meaning, and our passion is to know the SELF, to come home to it, to unveil it and uncover it, to settle into the realization that there is nothing lacking, nothing broken, and nothing wrong. We don't have to do anything or go anywhere to get it. It is the peace, love, freedom, and enjoyment that we have been mistaking for purpose, meaning, and desire.

Surrendering to the I AM, opens our hearts so that little glimpse we had when we did something or got something, becomes the natural state of our being as we self-realize. Surrender doesn't mean we never do anything we desire to do. All it means is that we don't seek desires or some kind of assumed purpose or meaning for our sense of joy and wholeness, because we know that is what we already are.

There is no finding it elsewhere.

We don't stop working on ourselves. We don't stop letting go of blockages or things that don't serve, but those things weren't us to begin with. Those are things that keep us veiled from who we actually are...all of the "working" we do is just another way of saying SURRENDER.

So, you want to find the source of your true passion?

Take a journey to the inner SELF and SURRENDER to that awareness.


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