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The TRUE Role of the Mind

I have been exploring the topic of the mind recently, in deeper ways than I have before. So much goes on in the mind and things can feel pretty confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming because of the activity of the mind...and yet, when we allow that activity to subside and still awareness arises, there is a calm...a peace, a knowingness that cannot be described.

And then the mind comes back in again, drawing us into mental strain so quickly, so subtly that we are far down a trail until we realize what has happened.

The mind is afraid.

It is afraid of losing control, afraid that it won't have fun, afraid that it will become nothing and pointless and useless. It has spent many years protecting itself from trauma and uncomfortable situations and because of this protection mechanism, it has silenced the body into becoming its slave. In this delusional state, the mind believes that if it makes way for the body to speak the body will lead the entire self into unsafe territory and that it will lose itself in the process.

The body, however, is encoded with the wisdom and love of Infinite Intelligence. It knows truth at the level of the CORE and every cell inside of the body has access to the Light Codes at all times. It is the mind that keeps this access veiled because it thinks that it will die when the light fully enters the body.

This morning, as I pondered much of the above, I had some questions arise and I wrote them down in my journal. The following is channeled information that came through me as I set pen to paper and allowed the wisdom to flow.

How Can We Tell the Difference Between the Voice of the Body and That of the Mind?

"When you become the still awareness, it becomes easily apparent. We know that the mind complicates this fact, it is not a process at all. The mind always likes to think ahead as it feels as though there is not enough time for all the things that it would like to explore or accomplish. It thinks that if it listens to the body, the body will make it do things that are boring or pointless and a waste of time. But as you know, time is a constructed illusion of your reality, and the higher you has unlimited time to do as it wishes. The mind is in a rush, as it has been taught that there is so much not-enoughness in every area of life that it feels the pressure to DO instead of BE.

We know that doing things can feel exciting and there is much to be enjoyed. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the enjoyment of doing. The mind, however, is concerned that there is not enough enjoyment and so it attempts to cram as much of it into a short span of one lifetime as it can, disregarding the body and forgetting that if it simply lets go and surrenders and trusts the body in alignment with the I AM that the enjoyment is always present no matter what doing is being acted upon.

Yes, we know there are preferences for the individual personality, do not attempt to deny these preferences, they were developed for a reason. That reason is for a specific type of exploration of this particular reality. And as this body, mind, spirit complex explores and plays, it learns what it prefers even better and then lets go of ideas it previously had about what it thought it wanted in favor of the fresh understanding of what it prefers now after experiencing different things.

The mind is afraid of what it does not know, of the unknown in general. It thinks that it will be boring if self-realization and integration of the mind, body, spirit complex is thinks it will not enjoy anything at that point because there will be nothing to DO but BE.

The mind feels that if the body, mind, spirit complex becomes balanced, harmonized, aligned, and integrated, it will lose itself. It is extraordinarily attached to the personality and its desires, to labels and beliefs, and even the protection system that it has developed in order to create a sense of security and personhood. The mind wants to feel that it "IS" something. It wants to feel valued for what it brings to the table.

Indeed the mind is highly valuable. Without it, making any type of physical action would be impossible. Creating anything would be impossible.

The imbalance occurs in the personality complex when one portion of it takes charge and is the slave master through which the entire experience of the whole complex is filtered. The complex is meant to function synergistically. All parts of it communicating effectively will allow for the TRUE desired experiences to be explored. The mind, because it thinks it knows best, develops paths for the personality complex to follow, and often these paths are created out of fear, low self-worth, and misguided beliefs. It then tricks itself into getting what it wants by ignoring the body, feeling that it is not only superior to the body but more wise.

The mind, however, is not the wisdom holder. The mind is a tool for the body and spirit to use. The mind does not want to be the tool, as it perceives tools as something less valuable. Even in your culture, you speak of less desirable humans who are easily taken advantage of as "tools" and so the mind articulates this as a role to be avoided. It sees a tool as an object and it does not want to be objectified.

In its appropriate role as a beneficial tool however, the mind is what assists the body by asking it questions so that the body can perceive within itself what is true for it and for the spirit which is living through it. And the body is assisting the spirit with the experience that it wants to have. The body feels what the spirit is asking for by way of the senses and wise knowings within it. In perfect harmony and communion, the mind, body, spirit complex provides the most exquisite experiences for the I AM.

What Are These Other Voices I Hear in My Head That Seem Like They Are Having A Conversation With the Mind?

"This is also the mind. These voices, as there are many, come from many aspects of the same mind, many layers if you will, from the higher or lower vibrational planes and they all exist simultaneously. Voices that speak to your mind that tell it darker, more fearful, lonely, depressed, and low-value things are from a more veiled "past" portion of the mind that has not yet started on a path of integration with the complex. Voices that inform the present mind in ways to calm it, love it, tell it of its worth and value, and soothe it into wisdom and that all is well is the mind from a "future" state of your being that has learned and accepted its role as a tool for the complex. This voice of this mind is from that which has been integrated.

We use words like past and future only for reference in your reality. In truth, past, present, and future all exist within each now moment and that is why you can hear many voices of your mind all at once.

The mind wants to judge everything - wrong or right, good or bad, holy or wants to label everything with names and wants to identify with personality traits, genders, belief systems, what it does, how it acts, and what it owns. But the role of the mind is not the judge, the label maker, or the identifier. Those are all constructs of this reality that many of you are exploring. And all of these constructs have been useful tools for exploration and experience...until now.

Now the energies present are asking for the mind to fulfill its true role so that the entire system can function properly and so that a new experience of harmony can be had.

As you begin to allow higher frequencies to help you shift fully into 4th density with your Earth, you will notice the activity of the mind increasing. This may confuse many of you, especially if you have done much work in the area of the mind and this will trick you into thinking that the mind is growing in power as the master or that you have "lost" all the ground you have gained in taming the mind.

But this is not the truth.

The truth is that your planet, your people, and all that is on Earth are being offered a new timeline in the 4th density. Pressure is felt by the narrow gate that one must pass through in order for one to take root in this higher density which is of a higher frequency. The mind is afraid of this squeeze, fearing death as it passes through the gate and it begins to resist and fight the process by constant speaking.

One of your sacred books, the Bible, illudes to this narrow gate...speaking of the process of passing through it as the path that leads to life. Many have misunderstood this to be about going to heaven rather than going to hell. In actuality, it refers to the expansive way of freedom and peace, love and joy that is felt in this individual life you are living while you are living it.

Fear and attachment to people, things, ideas, and beliefs are the broad path through which many of you enter into destruction as this sacred text describes. It is a destructive path because it is one through which the mind, body, and spirit become more and more dis-harmonic and out of sync with each other, leading to mental and physical illness.

All that needs to be done with this activity of the mind is to trust, surrender, and reassure the mind that it will not die, it will simply be integrated as part of the system as a cooperative, harmonic, synergistic whole where ALL is valued, honored, seen and heard. And then, use the higher mind to assist the body in making choices that are in alignment with Spirit.

How Can We Know Truth in the Body?

Knowing the truth in the body is subtle. This is why it is so important to use silence and stillness as tools for discernment. And when this has been practiced sufficiently, one can even do without the silence, tuning out all the sensory input and diving deep into the unknown where the awareness of the I AM, the ONE, God, the CORE is in the stillness alone.

This knowing ONLY comes through the body. The mind cannot comprehend what is being wanted by the I AM - of which your spirit is a facet. This knowing that comes through the body is, at first, associated with physical sensations, and then, at higher stages of awareness, it is KNOWN. This knowing cannot be described with human words and can only be pointed to and then experienced by the observer/awareness.

In any case, true knowing is not understood with words or sentences and is not reliant on the mind for wisdom...though at first, sometimes the mind will perceive the answer in that way until the wisdom of discernment takes place at a deeper level.

For example, if you are presented with a decision, you are to use your mind to ask the body questions. "Should I go on vacation to Key West next month?" you may ask. What may present itself is "yes" or "no" or some other confusing attempt on the mind's part to get involved with the decision-making process. This is NOT the mind's job. The mind's job is to ask questions and wait for the answers that come through the body.

The spirit informs the body, the body gives signals to the mind and the mind perceives the answer but it does not have the answer itself. So then, after the mind asks, "Should I go on vacation to Key West next month?" Allow it to settle down as you FEEL and perceive the answer within the body. This process is difficult to explain with words, and really can only be pointed to, but this is good for you to go on for now. Much love is always here for you as you navigate your way through exploring new experiences."


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