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From Regret to Relief

This morning I went to find a document on my laptop to enter a note into it.


I looked on iCloud. I looked on my external drives. I looked at unrelated files. I looked in the trash bin. I looked through every digital device and storage place that I own.


It’s gone.


There were HUNDREDS of ideas for future blogs in that document.


When I realized the finality of losing this document, I sat back in my chair feeling agitated, disappointed, and frustrated with myself for being careless during the past few months as I purged and reorganized all my digital files.


Somehow it must have gotten into the trash bin. And somehow, I must have permanently deleted the document despite looking at every item in the trash before I hit that ominous red button that says, “DELETE FOREVER”.


And then relief came.


If you follow my blog or know me in real life, you know that I am dedicated to the path of Self-Realization. This journey has led me into the depths of who I really am and it has asked from me challenging tasks…like letting go.


Letting go of EVERYTHING that does not reflect the highest expression of Love, Truth, and Light in my own life.


Part of my adventure into the Great Unknown, awakening into expanded consciousness, has been to surrender to the I AM in trust that I will have what I need to have, when I need to have it. And if I do not have it, I must not need it.


My lost document falls under this trust.


You see, I cherish creative ideas. I have had a low-grade fear that if I didn’t write down each and every idea that I had, I wouldn’t remember it and if I didn’t remember, I would be guilty of being careless with the gifts I’d been given.


For decades I have had lists upon lists of wonderful and helpful ideas that I hoped to someday create or accomplish. In recent years I began to feel that these lists were becoming more of a burden to me rather than exciting options to choose from.


These lists represented an area of my life in which I was not trusting the Creator to bring to my remembrance what needed to be remembered, when it needed to be remembered.


As we allow ourselves to be roused during this time of the Great Awakening and as we shift from the fading energies of 3rd density and head into the arising energies of 4th density, what is being asked of us is very different from what we are used to.


4th density is a more fluid state in which plans, step-by-step processes and future goal setting will not work as effectively as they once did. The further we go into it, the less effective these things will be.


If we choose to surrender to the internal shifting that needs to take place as we embody the frequency of the Heart of Love in 4th density, we will see ourselves coming into deeper alignment with much more spontaneity.


True Spirituality comes from a place of moving with the current stream of living waters as it gently guides us in the direction of being in Harmony with the I AM. With the ONE.


The rigidity of having to do things a certain way at a certain time, the attachment to plans that have been made in advance, the need to follow legalistic steps to get to egoic goals, the need to store up ideas and things for the “just in case”, are all starting to fade into the ways of the past.


Energy is ALWAYS moving. Always trying to find the path of least resistance. Always looking for ways to come into balance and harmony with the natural state of being of the I AM. The harder we try to drive a stake into the ground and force outcomes, the more challenging it will be for us during this shift.


We have to learn to FLOW with the moving energy and let go of things as the shaking begins.


This might look like giving up to-do lists that don’t actually need to get done because there are more important matters. It might look like canceling plans with a friend or loved one at the last minute because the energy has changed. Perhaps it will be letting go of a long-sought-after goal that doesn’t align with where your soul wants to go. It could be giving up a good-paying job, selling your house, downsizing, minimizing, or things like this to make room for what actually wants to happen.


We aren’t always going to know the reason behind the intuition and guidance we feel and know in our hearts. But if we follow and speak our truth in wisdom, discernment, and love, where we end up, what we do, and who we commune with will open us to the depths of joy and peace in unimaginable ways.


How do I know this?


I have been putting it into practice in my own life. And it’s working. The more I let it work, the better I feel and the easier it is for me to serve others. The more I let go of, the more I get into alignment with what feels true and right for ME, the less stress I have, and the more freedom I live in.


The important thing to remember for 2024 is that this year is one that is giving us a beautiful opportunity to let go of things that no longer feel relevant in our lives. Things that have become burdensome. Things that we know we are holding onto because we are afraid of the unknown, because we are afraid of what life will be like if we don’t have it anymore.


2024 is also a year of expansion. As we let go of things, ideas, people and ways of being that are keeping us tethered to the old path, we will find that we have more room to breathe. More room to expand into higher states of awareness. More room to heal and self-realize. More clarity to see what needs to be seen and to go where we need to go.


May you enjoy the journey into the Great Unknown.




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