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Sacred Cycle of the Great Unknown - Poetry

Stone angel kneeling before a river with a candle in her hand as she looks heavenward in contemplation

And so, my days shall start new, with the awakening of the sun, illuminating the knowing of what is unknown. I cast my desires as a seed into the wind of the spirit where the Creator may usher it wherever the calling arises

Whether to dissolve into the infinite void or to be planted in fertile soil where it is nourished to maturity and finally harvested to be consumed by the eternal heart flame of the ONE, Great I AM

What sprouts will be deeper love, expanding peace, growing wisdom, radiating light, and the ability to anchor all of these energies in harmony on Earth

Each day is one step forward on my path of ease, inhaling deeply, giving of my heart to what lies in store for me in exquisite enjoyment of each present moment

And every evening, as the sun falls below the horizon and I let go of the known I will settle into the dark unknown in a period of rest, rejuvenation, and realignment. I give my long exhale of night, embracing what I cannot see, surrendering into the arms of the ONE as a cradle that rocks me into the slumber.

I give myself over to the beauty of this infinite cycle with trust in the GREAT I AM…allowing the breath of life to be lived through me without force of will.


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