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Why Are We Here?

That existential, everlasting, rabbit-hole traveling question.


And then specifically...why am I here? Specifically me. Specifically you. Why are we here as individuals? Is there a purpose? A meaning? Some kind of end game or goal we are trying to achieve?

No one really knows for sure, do they...and I mean with like solid, sciency proof kind of stuff.

There are many of opinions out there...from, we are just a random event that happened in the course of evolution, to the idea that an ultimate creator put us here to fulfill some precise purpose.

I used to think I was sure.

I truly, 100% believed that my idea of why humans exist was correct. No one could tell me otherwise. I was convinced and lived my life according to my convictions, tossing out every idea that came across my path. I was solid. Firm. Unwavering.

Until I wasn't.

Until I realized there are thousands...millions of perspectives on this matter...Actually, considering that there are billions of people, all of them with different views, it's probably in the billions.

Just that fact alone has to lead an open-minded person down the rabbit hole far enough to understand that if we were supposed to know...if all of us were supposed to agree...if there was some specific, ultimate truth type of reason for us being here...wouldn't we have been made aware of it? Wouldn't the cosmic powers of the Universe, the Source of Life, make it known to us?

But here's the thing...

Maybe we aren't supposed to know for sure. At least for now in this human experience. Maybe we are supposed to be okay with the unknown leading us. Maybe this purpose, meaning, and understanding we find inside of ourselves will be JUST for us. No one else.

And that means that we don't need to gain anyone's approval for our existence, our purpose, or our meaning in life. We don't have to find some kind of science to prove out what makes us feel "right" while we live our experiences. We don't have to find some kind of sacred text or spiritual guru that confirms what our heart is saying.

With that being said, I want to share with you what I find true for myself right now in my life. My reason for being, for staying here on this planet. Of course, with all things, these beliefs are subject to change. By now, I am used to my ever-shifting consciousness.

If you haven't found your reason or meaning yet, maybe these things will resonate with you. And if not, happy seeking!

  • Love. I believe that I am here on Earth to learn to love myself unconditionally, deeply, respectfully, and learn to love others the same way and to allow myself to be loved by others.

  • Authentic Self. I believe that I am here on Earth to learn who I am, to understand and express myself unashamedly, fearlessly, and confidently.

  • Realize Oneness. I believe that I am here on Earth to raise my consciousness, my awareness, my vibration towards the truth of the ONEness, that everything in existence is all ONE. We are from the same and will return to the same. Separation is an illusion.

Question of the Day: What does Oneness mean to you?



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