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Pull The Fool - Poetry

In despair

Yet nothing is there

To make me feel this way

Emptiness filled to the brim with questions…vacillation and trepidation…the simplicity of life sucked dry by searching in vain

Swallow hard

Pull another card

The fool

The tarot stares me down again, teasing me to the edge…luring me with unrefined laughter and googly eyes…dancing it’s way along the boundary of time

I am done

Down goes the sun

On my plans, my striving, my false sense of security…dusk devours my thoughts and they dissolve into the black of night…how fitting this day has ended

Mindless wandering cease with the day, I no longer need you to guide me…the card I have pulled is a fool in deed…but the fool in whom I know I must feed…over the edge…the divine tumble…a role I must fill…a game I must play


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