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Tear's of An Empath - Poetry

You saw me in the produce aisle of the grocery store picking out carrots...crying, because that man back can't tell from the outside, but his pain is draining his very life...and I could feel it.

Crying again, because of a post you made, a picture of some friends of times, you said...but that girl in the background who didn't intend to be in the shot...FUCK! My heart feels like it's being ripped just seeing her face. I don't know her and you don't either...but, I see her.

You caught me crying at student pickup time...sitting in my minivan waiting for my child, tears trickling down my face, hot against my winter cold cheeks...Of course, I don't know that kid on the playground, he seems well dressed...seems like he's having fun with the other kids...but my throat clenched hard when I saw his eyes.

At the library you found me crying while I was looking at new fictions books. I could sense someone behind me so I turned around and that woman...she didn't have to say a single word. I knew her loneliness as if it were my own.

I can't stop the tears...this time they are for you. I have no idea who you are...or if you like my poetry...but there you are in the field of my awareness, letting these words go into your eyes, seep into your mind...

There is something about you that no one else has...we need you...the ONE wholeness needs you...its an ache so deep...a pulling from the center of every universe, from the core of every cell...a strong magnet that draws us all together. Perhaps not physically, but at a level that is more real than the bodies we live in.

I cry, because I want us all to remember what we've forgotten.


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