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Join Me! 5 Days Inner Sanctum Immersion - LOVE

I know it's short notice...but I have just felt inspired to intentionally go into a time of focus, stillness, and silence.

The past 6 weeks have been challenging for me but I'm starting to feel a little lighter. I have learned a lot about my SELF, my life, and the nature of my mind during this period and I really want to integrate all that I have learned and squeeze out any last drops of Truth from this energy I have been sinking into.

So, starting tomorrow, Monday, June 12th, and ending at sundown on Friday, June 16th, I will be taking a break from certain things that I normally do as well as having a specific energetic focus. I would LOVE for you to join me!

If what I intend to do is too much for you, does not resonate, or does not work with your schedule or health practices, please feel free to change things to suit your life.

What Is Inner Sanctum?

I want to preface my definition by saying that setting aside periods of time for the Inner Sanctum Immersion does not make us more holy, it does not make us "better", and it does not make us more acceptable to God/Source/Universe.

We are not performing in order to gain something or to be good enough. We are as good and as holy and as perfect as we will ever be. The only thing that we are doing through this time is becoming more aware of Love and changing our perception so that Truth and Love will be more easily seen as we let more and more Light in.

Inner Sanctum means:

  • The most sacred place in a temple - Our body is a temple, the temple of our spirit.

  • A privet or secret place to which few people or things are admitted - The temple of our body has many gates, a few of which are our eyes, ears, and physical senses. What we let in through these gates matters. Not because anyone is judging us, but because they affect how much Light comes through us. Light helps us perceive correctly.

  • A place that is reserved for sacred rituals and the most holy of things.

My Focus

Something that has been coming up for me in the last week has been Love. Real, unconditional, perfect acceptance kind of love. I am intending to really embody the state of love in my body, mind, and spirit. After all, it is the energy of Love that upholds all things!

During the 5-Day Inner Sanctum Immersion, it will be all about loving ALL things. Even the shit storms. Loving the presence of barking dogs in my neighborhood, loving my body despite pain and limitations, loving my mind even though it gets screwy sometimes...loving what is in every moment just as it is, not trying to change or fix or ignore anything. And I want to let the love of the Creator flow through me to those that I am with, asking how I can serve them and honor them as fellow spirits sharing this incarnation with me.

Let These Things Take a Rest

With our minds so busy with work, family, household duties, and what our screens feed our eyes and ears, it's no wonder that sometimes it feels like a tangled, overwhelming mess inside.

It's really hard to navigate life peacefully when there has been so much input and activity during the day. By the evening, most of us fall into bed exhausted, depleted, and dreading the alarm clock in the morning when we'll do it all over again.

Most of us can't quit our jobs just yet, we still need to eat and tend to the family and the house to keep things running smoothly, but there are some things that we can let go of for a bit, just to re-balance and let more of that Light in.

Here are some of the things I am letting rest during my 5-Day Inner Sanctum Immersion.

  • Listening to podcasts or reading books.

  • Screen time...watching movies, shows, or videos of any kind, games, social media scrolling, etc.

  • Processed foods and added sugars.

  • Alcohol (I rarely drink, but figured I'd just throw this in)

  • Shopping, activities or adventures, doing things with friends

The purpose of this isn't to deprive myself of anything, but it IS meant for me to become the master of my mind with a little discipline. It is letting the mind know (not in a harsh, forceful way) that it will not die if it does not have these things for a little while. Letting it know that silence and stillness is GOLD.

During this time, my intention is not to fill the extra time that I would normally do these things with new things that are "approved" but to be in silence, stillness, focusing on that Love that I was talking about. Allowing myself to be okay with the discomfort of not having something to do. And when low thoughts or feelings arise, to Love myself through it.

Make a Point to Do These Things

I like the idea of ritual as I enter my inner sanctum immersion. Not some old, dried out, overused ritual from a book or a religion, but something that means something to me personally, things that help my mind relax, my body heal and my spirit become fully HERE in the moment where Love is.

Here are some things that I am including in my daily routine that, for me, will create a sense of ritual, an openness to light, and space for love.

  • Fasting until noon. Again, not as a way to be better or to gain something, but to give my body time to process and clear. When I do eat, do it mindfully.

  • Journaling and light language

  • Body Movement - probably some kind of spontaneous flow or ecstatic dance

  • Deep breathing and meditation

  • Rest when I can if I need to

  • Sitting in silence. Observing my surroundings and thoughts without judgment

  • Live slowly, not rushing to the next thing, and taking my time with the things that need to get done.

  • Realize the Love of God/Source/Universe that is in everything...even the things that are not preferred. Realize the Love that I AM. Realize the flow of Love that easily flows through me when I am not forcing my life to happen.

Are You Down For It?

If you are going to join me on the 5-Day Inner Sanctum Immersion, send me a message and let me know, I'd love to hear from you! You can contact me here on my contact page, through Facebook, or my personal email if you have it.

Love, Light, and Truth be realized in you.


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