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Allowing Boredom To Open You - Rupert Spira Video Link

Bored, grey cat sleeping on a white blanket

If you read my last post, "I Think We've Got Depression All Wrong", you'll know that I've been going through a challenging time.

I have begun to realize that this is a process of awakening that is being offered to me. A chance to open more to my true self and to see the separate self that drives me to distract myself. REALLY see it.

There have been many processes of awakening for me since 2012...I don't think they will ever stop for us as long as we are human. This one just happens to feel quite intense...though there is true peace and calm at the foundation and I know all is well.

I'm just very interested in using these offerings for self-realization and so it is my intention to do my best to use every opportunity that comes across my path.

In my seeking, I stumbled on a Rupert Spira video that I found particularly helpful for me today...because today has offered me many opportunities for distraction and so this hit the spot.

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Hope you enjoy!


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