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Distance Healing

Please read the disclaimer in full HERE.

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Distance/Remote healing is any type of energy work performed for the purpose of healing (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and is done from a location where the practitioner does not physically touch the person they are doing energy work for. The person can be a few feet away or anywhere in the world while the practitioner does the work.

Distance healing is similar to what people call prayer, which most of us are familiar with. The vast majority of churches (at least in the United States) use some form of prayer (also called intercession) to connect to their higher power or god and to also send energetic healing or assistance to whomever or whatever they are praying for.

With distance healing, the practitioner becomes a channel (vessel or instrument) for energy to flow from Source to the person requesting the healing or assistance.

How Does This Work?

First, in order for energy healing to be successful, the practitioner needs to allow the stream of Source Energy. It is important that they are intuitively skilled enough to work with subtle energies because there is no one-size-fits-all method for every practitioner, every person who receives or every session with the same person. The practitioner must not heal by force of their own will, (humility) but through knowing that they are just the vessel by which Source does the work.

Also, the person receiving has to (at least on some level) accept that distance healing is possible and be able to put themself into a receptive mode. Belief is VERY powerful and affects our daily lives more than most people understand. If a person specifically does not think that distance healing is real, they probably wont be seeking healing in the first place, nor will they be able to accept the offered healing energy.

If you are curious about how our beliefs change our perception and experience, start with a researched phenomenon called "The Placebo Effect". Joe Dispenza is someone who I recommend and has written a book specifically about this. It's a great read, but you can find information about the placebo effect in online scientific research papers too.

Everything we see, hear, taste, touch, smell, or sense in other ways is nothing more than energies vibrating at certain frequencies. Some of them we can perceive in an obvious way, like the smell of a flower, the sound of a bird, the sight of sparkles on the lake. Other energies like beliefs, or that which can be sent via thought or intention are subtle and not as easily perceived by common human senses, at least in this stage of our evolution.

Frequencies sent by cell phone towers or satellites are examples of things that are invisible to us and yet transmit huge amounts of data. Whether or not we have the technology to receive the data doesn't mean they aren't real.

When a practitioner is sending someone healing energy, for example, they usually get into a meditative, focused state of intention in order to allow Source Energy to flow through them and affect the subtle vibrations for the purpose that has been set. They may use their hands and bodies to make intuitive actions or they might make sounds or use words in order to move the energy and support their intentions.

To further make sense of energy being transmitted remotely, think of a person who has a remote start installed in their vehicle and uses an app on their phone to start it. Let's say the vehicle owner is the practitioner and the vehicle is the person receiving the energy.

So, the vehicle owner sets the intention "I want to warm my vehicle up". They take some actions which are to grab the phone, open the app, and press start. On the other end, because the vehicle is waiting for a signal, it receives the signal and goes through the necessary electrical steps to start the engine.

This process is done from a distance. Remotely. The frequencies that are sent from the app on the phone to the vehicle are invisible, no one is touching the vehicle and yet, something is happening.

Our thoughts and intentions are no different, especially if their energy is skillfully harnessed for a specific use.

Who Is Doing The Healing?

Healers do not heal.

Energy workers or practitioners act as a channel, vessel, or instrument of Source Energy to flow through them and to the person who is seeking healing. Healers are not actually doing the healing themselves. A "good" healer is one who is able to essentially get their mind, beleifs, and motives out of the way and allow Source Energy to flow without resistance.

We ALL have access to the Infinite Source of Energy where everything that flows out of Love and Light exists. This power is inside of us and all around us, waiting to be tuned into. Our spiritual essence embodies this energy and we never have to go looking outside of ourselves to find it. So, the problem is not that we don't have access to it, it's that we don't know how to.

Sometimes there are blockages or "shorts" that are formed because of beliefs, perceptions, experiences, traumas, resistance to life and just having a general sense of unconsciousness or unawareness. Most humans are in a state of resistance to life itself, which makes the healing work difficult. Even with fear that the healing process won't work, striving to "get" it or attachment to an outcome can cause an energetic pinching off of the natural flow of energy that is always circulating around and through us.

This is where practitioners that work with energy come in. They assist and offer energetic support, tuning, and alignment as the person learns how to access that natural state of being themselves. Often they work by clearing energies so the natural flow of Source can find its way through the energetic and nervous system of the person's body the way it is meant to, which facilitates the healing process.

Practitioners are, in a sense, helping train the person's energetic body to sync up with Source Energy. If you are curious about this idea research, "Quantum Entrainment". This is different that Quantum Entanglement, but the latter is also very interesting.

Your True Nature

Many of us have been taught that we are separate from our healing...from peace, joy, freedom, and all the good stuff. We learned that we have to go "find" it or that only holy people have it. And we started believing that we have to be "good enough" for these states of being. The belief in these ideas keeps us veiled in darkness so that we cannot see our true nature.

Our true nature is that we ARE health, vitality, peace, joy, freedom, contentment, abundance, love, and light. We don't HAVE them. They aren't "located" somewhere inside our brain, or mind, or out in's not like some object you have to get and then make sure you do the right thing so you can keep it.

We are literally made up of this Infinite Power. This is because we are all aspects of Source Energy, the I Am, the Infinite Creator. We are a fractal of the whole that contains the all. Perfect health is simply the natural state of our spirit that has not fully manifested through our physical body. No one can take who and what you are away from you.

By "you" I don't mean the physical body or the mind...because that is just a temporary avatar we are using for this particular incarnation we are living. I am talking about the eternal portion of us that is never lacking and will never die or be destroyed.

And so the energy worker is simply helping people perceive what has always been there. And the idea is that they will aid the person until the time when the person will be able to do it all on their own.

Illusions of the Mind

Time and distance are illusions made for this density of existence on planet Earth in order to experience unique limitations that are not present in higher densities (sometimes called dimensions). For an interesting journey down the rabbit hole of time and space, research "Quantum Entanglement", and facts about the relationship between the concept of "time" and planetary rotation/orbits around the sun.

Because time and distance, or space are illusionary, energy work being done 1,000 miles away from you acts as if it is being done right where you are. It doesn't have to travel, or touch, for it is always everywhere at once but focused specifically where it is wanted and observed. There is no delay or lapse between the practitioner and the one receiving.

Am I supposed to Feel Something?

Most often, distance healing or energy work in general does not produce miracles. You may or may not feel something as it is happening. Those who are more sensitive to subtle energies tend to "feel" things or perceive that something is taking place more easily as do people who are already "tuned in" and get into a state of allowing rather than striving. If you don't feel or sense anything happening, it doesn't mean nothing is happening. Energy work affects everyone differently.

If you do feel something, it may not always be a pleasant feeling. Any number of odd sensations, pains, or discomfort can arise while the energy is shifting inside the body and mind. Difficult or unwanted emotions can arise, memories of past events, etc. Liken this to physical therapy which can be part of the healing journey, but not always enjoyable as the therapist has the patient move the body in uncomfortable ways that it needs to get the juices flowing, so to speak.

Sometimes, an uncomfortable healing process is a result of our body finally feeling safe enough to let go of unprocessed energies that have been stored in the cells as a result of our ignorance and the stuffing down of emotions and memories of negative experiences that we couldn't deal with at the moment. Now that we are allowing our body to do what it needs to do, it makes a kind of *sigh* and releases some old stuff that it needs to let go of in order to heal properly.

All of this is okay.

What Should I Do to Prepare for Distance Healing?

A common idea many people have is that the practitioner who is doing the distance healing is doing all the work and that there is nothing for the receiver to do. While you don't necessarily need to do anything physical, because distance healing is a collaborative work, there are things the receiver can do in order to facilitate the healing that they are seeking.

  • Let Go of Expectation - The frequency of expectation forms somewhat of a blockage in the energy centers of the human body because it is a subtle rejection of what is. Expecting things to be a certain way or to get certain results after a certain time is doing the opposite of what people think it is doing.

  • Allowing and Surrender - This is a little branch off of letting go of expectation, but can take you deeper into the receptive mode where Source Energy, being directed to and through you, can flow without being hindered. Allowing and surrender feels like a heavy sigh, sinking into the depths of Love and Light where you are safe and knowing that whatever happens, Source has got you.

  • Open Your Heart - Opening your heart center is vulnerable and can be scary for some people because it means they can't hide behind anything. Opening your heart doesn't mean accepting everything as truth, because discernment is important. What it does mean, is that you are not judging yourself as "bad". It means that you are not making yourself out to be doing something wrong if you don't get healed right away. It means opening up to the realm of EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. An open heart center feels (in part) like unrestrained love and acceptance for everything and everyone just as it is, even if it doesn't change.

  • Listen to Your Body/Intuition - Enough can't be said about connecting to what our body is telling us. It can seem very quiet if we aren't used to hearing it. Everything is practice, right? What is your body telling you to do as you are in this healing sequence?

  • Trust/Have Faith in The Process - While some healings are instantaneous, most often it is a process that happens over a period of perceived time. Hours, days, weeks, months...Healing is not always linear either. There may be times when you feel really good and other times when it feels like all of your symptoms have returned or have gotten worse. As our bodies release energies, they can sometimes be felt as intensified symptoms. Trust and faith are choices that we make, not feelings. When we have a doubtful thought, instead of making ourselves feel bad for it, we simply reroute the thought and tell our mind that this is a process and it's okay if it takes some time.

  • Let Yourself Feel - Instead of fighting or resisting the sensations and emotions in your body and mind accept them as they are and allow yourself to feel them. Go deep into the sensations to explore them and become acquainted with them. This may be a little scary at first, but contrary to some beliefs, this does NOT make them stay around longer, or get bigger, your resistance to them does. These energies are asking to be acknowledged and felt as they make their way out of your system. Put your energy into focusing on the healing rather than on fighting. You can't do both at the same time.

  • Slow Growth to Sustain Healing - Sometimes when people are healed quickly they end up "losing" their healing. It's not really lost though and it's not that it didn't work. What happened was that their body and mind was not prepared for the quick shift. Higher frequencies are needed to sustain a state of health and well-being. Count it a blessing that your progress may be slow because it gives you the time to come into alignment and for your nervous system to adjust to be able to sustain your healing for good.

  • Learn as You Go - It's not required of course, but it is certainly tremendously helpful when people learn about energy, vibration, and frequencies, about consciousness, and general spirituality. Not only does it give you a foundation to build concepts that make it easier to change your thought patterns which in turn change the frequency you emanate, but it also empowers you to be able to do energy work for yourself so that you don't have to rely on someone else to be there for you when you need it. For a deeper look into the scientific aspect of how intention and energy can affect what we think of as "matter" read any of Dean Radin's books. He also does a number of interviews and has uploaded videos to YouTube that you can watch for free.

  • Ask About It - If your healing process is frustrating and providing you plenty of catalyst, going inward can be of great help. This means to ask your higher self, your angels and guides, ancestors, gods (etc.) for help in seeing what this sequence of healing is doing to help you grow and evolve as an infinite being. The answers may take some time, especially if we are not so open to hearing difficult truths, so be patient.

  • Idolizing - Whatever practitioner or spiritual teacher you work with, remember that they are human just like you. No one is free from the struggles of humanity (at least none that I've seen) and we are all just doing the best we can as we navigate through life. Your practitioner or spiritual teacher may have more knowledge, wisdom, or skills than you, but they can't replace your own intuition and they are not your god. They don't speak absolute truth to be followed without discernment. If something they say doesn't resonate with you, stick it on a shelf and find your own resonance.

  • When Your practitioner isn't "Right" - If you aren't getting the results you'd hoped for with the person you are working with, it's always a good idea to check in with yourself first and ask if any of the above suggestions are something that you could practice more. But if that is not the case, it might be that you and your practitioner or teacher are just not the right match for each other. Your unique frequencies just might not harmonize well together and you may want to seek out someone else for help.

  • No Guarantees - The reality is, we don't always get healed before our body dies and we graduate into non-physical. There is no blame to be taken. It's all part of this experience, the good, the bad, and the confusing. There is no race and no finish line. Sometimes we got into the "healing mindset" too late in the game and there wasn't enough time to shift all the energy to maintain healing. Sometimes the effort needed to access the healing wasn't something a person wanted to be responsible for. Sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control that aren't even meant to be controlled. And it is entirely possible that there was some kind of pre-birth plan, in which case, nothing we do or don't do would have mattered. There are prob countless other "reasons" why things don't go as desired.

If you haven't, please read the medical disclaimer linked at the top of this article. If you are taking medication or seeing a doctor for any condition do not stop. This information is not meant as a substitute for medical help and is intended for educational purposes only.

How Long Will It Take To Heal

There is no generalized time frame for healing. This can be said for any type of injury or illness or mental distress. For example, two people can have a cold, one gets better in a few days, and the other has lingering symptoms for weeks. As mentioned above, there are way too many things to account for.

Many people need repeated sessions with a practitioner as they heal, again, much like physical therapy or chiropractic, deep tissue massage, or even medication, the vast majority of healings are a process and are not instantaneous.

Sometimes there are beliefs or mental blocks that need to be worked through in order for the energy to flow properly through the body and mind to actualize that healing. Try not to focus on how long it is taking, it doesn't do you any good and just becomes a distraction.

Enjoy The Journey

Whether you are seeking healing or just learning, let life come with ease and simplicity. And

may the blessings of the Original Intelligence of Love be in you, around you, and flowing through you.

I love you.

* If you are interested in receiving distance healing, use the contact form HERE to reach out to me. We can work out the details if you wish to book a session. *


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