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Attend to the Thoughts You Have

Most of us have some kind of filter on the words we speak, careful not to say hurtful or negative things to other least in their presence. We all know how much power can be packed into just a simple phrase.

It's not just words that have power.

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics."

"Concerning matter, we have all been wrong. What we call matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter."

Thanks, Einstein.

Where our attention goes, our energy flows. It really is that simple. It's certainly not always easy to be aware of the thoughts we think all day long, but it's possible, and if we want our life to be different...if we want the people around us to be different...if we want the world to starts in the mind.

Whenever we think thoughts like, "That person is so dumb, I can't stand them. They'll never go anywhere in life." We send that type of energy to that person, carried by the attention we have on them and they will be affected by that energy we send them, even if we cannot see it. Do we want them to continue to be the way we perceive them to be?

Of course, we can't change a person's free will, they have to be the master of their own life too. But the reality is, we can't not affect everyone and everything around us. If you live with other people, you probably know that you can "catch a mood". When you left the house a few hours ago, everything felt fine, but when you came back the feeling you got from the others sours your mood. What is that?

THAT, my friends, is energy in motion.

The thoughts and emotions of the people you live with, while not even projected at you, are affecting you. You walked into the vicinity of the energy they were emanating. Now, think about how much more powerful it is when someone is actually having thoughts specifically about and directed at you.

The energy of our thoughts form frequencies and vibrations that affect what we call matter. We can't help but be involved with literally everything. Introverts and cave dwellers are not exempt. If you have a mind, you are a creator whether you like it or not.

Thoughts like, "I'll never be good enough. Nothing I do works out. I'm ugly." will create more thoughts just like them and the energy we have about ourselves will reinforce what we don't want, even if we don't like it.

"My car is a pile of junk...this city is worthless...the government is pathetic"...triggered you with that last one, didn't I.

Are those things we want?

Do we want our vehicle to be a pile of junk? Do we want the city we live in to be worthless? Do we want the government to be pathetic? If not, we have to start in the mind. We have to change how we think about where we want to see changes.

And this doesn't mean we don't acknowledge that there are problems...or that we have emotions. This isn't spiritual bypassing or toxic positivity. It is possible to see things for what they are and to experience emotions while at the same time using our minds to energetically create what it is that we want.

Saying, "my thoughts are with you" actually matters. Prayer actually works...the problem is, we don't believe it and we don't use these ideas in the proper way. If you are going to send someone your thoughts or pray for them, don't sit there and think about the situation they are in, think about them finding a solution to the problem. Think about them being healed in their body. Think about things turning around and working out. Think about help coming to them.

Allowing our minds to be carried away with feelings such as fear, anger, and annoyance creates more of the same. Shifting what we are thinking about into conscious creating gives it the opportunity to be different.

Most of the time, at least in the current state of our reality, things don't change overnight. Especially, if there are a lot of people with lower vibrational energy focused on a particular subject. The government, for example. Millions of people think about the government every single day and all of them hold various thoughts about that entity...rage, frustration, indifference, distrust, disgust...the number of people multiplied by the vibration of those feelings are sending that type of energy at the government. And it fuels the fire.

It causes a never-ending cycle unless we break it.

If we want to be cycle breakers and create a beautiful reality we must attend to our thoughts. It takes practice and patience.

Start with This

Because it takes practice and patience, we probably won't be able to go from, "I hate them so much" to "I love them so much" when we start training our mind. Instead, when we catch ourselves we can find something...anything, that doesn't carry the same heavy, slow, negative energy. Is there something about them that you don't hate? Maybe that necklace they wore last week. Maybe how clean they keep their house. Perhaps the way they dress, or good things you've seen or heard that they do for others. Is there anything they are good at? Where do they shine?

Even if nothing physical comes to mind you can ALWAYS...and I mean ALWAYS go for something like, "They are giving me another opportunity to learn how to be less critical and judgmental and for that I am thankful." or "I wonder what struggle they are reflecting back to me that I can be more aware of in my own life."

If it's a situation that gets our mind all ramped up on the lower scale, how can we picture it differently? How would we like it to change, and then imagine that. And the old standby, "I wonder what I could be learning from all of this?"

I know, "you create your own reality" has become somewhat cliche', but it is true. And our lives are proof of it. It's quite eye opening to take inventory of the common thoughts we think on a daily basis and compare it to how our lives have played out.

I think we're always looking for the more positive things that have manifested for us to belief that this is real. But if the majority of our thoughts fall below neutral, why would we expect to see positive results?

Even if you don't beleive any of this, at the very least, changing how you think and what you think about will have a profound impact on your own level of enjoyment in life.


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