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Freedom and Realization of Who You ARE

Before I was a mother, I was childless. Before I was married, I was single. Before I was an adult, I was a teenager...before that, I was a child...before that, I was a baby. Before I was conceived...I WAS.

I am not a business owner.

That is something I do.

I am not a writer.

That is something I do.

I am not a mother or wife.

That is a way of being.

I am not pan-sexual.

That is a way of being.

So who am I?

Anything that you have to "become" is NOT who you are. You don't have to BECOME who you are. You already are, who you are. The things you do and the ways that you show up on this planet are all expressions of your preferences and how you feel the most authentic in this time and space.

My favorite color when I was very young was yellow. Now it's indigo. My preferences changed. What color I prefer does not make me who I am. When I was 5, I wasn't a writer. That's something I became. It's a way that I express myself in this life. That was a change I made to my life. I started writing. I published a book. I created a website to write and write and write.

But I'm STILL not a writer.

That's something I do.

When we take off this human suit, the part of us that is left is who we are.

It is without labels, or names, categories, or time.

But it is NOT nothing.

If you take a moment and truly let go of all the things you label yourself as, all the human qualities that you take on and go within...there will be a space where everything seems to stop.

It feels like the calm before a being suspended in's a state of complete openness and expansion. A state of no limits. No boundaries.

If you follow this feeling to the the core, shedding every last thing you hold on to as "who you think you are", you will uncover yourself.

The true self.

You have always been there.

You will always be there.

Uncovering the true self is the exact same thing as freedom.

Because when you are your REAL self, the self without labels, names, categories, or time you ARE endless. You ARE limitless. You ARE open. You ARE awareness. You ARE boundless.

And isn't that the same definition as freedom?

When you want to be free, aren't you looking for a state of existence where there are no restrictions on where you want to go and who you want to be, and the things you want to do?

Freedom is not something to chase or attain.

It doesn't matter how much money you have on Earth. You are still restricted by the limitations of being human and the laws that govern this planetary system. It doesn't matter how much time you have, it's still a 24-hour cycle that you can't control. It doesn't matter how much you reject responsibilities, you still have to feed yourself to stay alive.


Underneath the labels, names, categories, and time you have the freedom of your true self - unchained, inexhaustible, unrestricted, immeasurable, and undefinable.

We have freedom like nothing we can even comprehend sitting right there. And all we have to do is let go.


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