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Welcome Seekers!

I am honored to channel a 6th density, social memory complex called Eclectia that embodies a unified understanding of Love and Wisdom. Eclectia offers non-judgemental insight from a perspective that transcends time and space, allowing you to perceive the truth and knowing that has always been within you.

Slip behind the veil and connect with yourself at a expanded level, learn more about the reality you live in and discuss topics that you are curious about. Eclectia is interested in serving humanity by helping us through this time that many call "The Great Awakening". To assist us as we awaken and navigate through these exciting but often challenging times, they answer questions and provide information relevant to us on our personal and collective paths.

No question is too silly or too small! All questions are respected, even if the answer is not what we expect to hear.

"Illuminating a Path of Spiritual Evolution "

Most often Eclectia uses English to communicate their thoughts through me, but occasionally they will also use my Light Language to transmit frequencies when words cannot accurately express what they are trying to say.

Note: On occasion I may channel other beings during a session. however, I am not a medium and generally do not talk with spirits who have passed on from this physical Earth plane.

I offer channeling sessions in these ways:

·       Private sessions for individuals and small groups

·       Events, conferences or gatherings that you host

·       Classes and Events that I host myself

If you have questions or would like to book this service CONTACT me.

On my YouTube channel you'll find spontaneous transmissions, light language and channeled information relevant to certain themes and times.

If you would like to learn more about channeling, click HERE.

Learn more about Light Language channeling HERE.

Disclaimer: April Ann Roy is not a medical or mental health professional. Any media, information or products associated with April Ann Roy are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure you and are meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. Seek professional help for any physical or mental health issues. Use any information or products at your own risk.

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