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Light Language

I've spent a considerable amount of time trying to come up with a term that would describe this language without it being associated with some ultra-cringy figure on YouTube or social media.

Truthfully, my intentions behind wanting to come up with a new term were less than authentic. I didn't want to be labeled as a "cringy" person so I wanted something new that didn't categorize me. In all reality though, some people are going to think I'm cringy no matter what I matter how true to myself I am... because they just don't resonate with me. And that's totally cool. Not everyone is going to like my content, not everyone is going to believe me.

I was only 4 years old when I started using my own Light Language unprompted and without instruction or guidance from anyone. I simply started speaking it as if was the most natural thing in the world when a sick little girl at church needed prayer. When I was growing up, we called it "speaking in tongues". Later I learned that it has been used in other religious traditions and cultures for probably as long as humans have used sound to communicate.

I continued to use this language after letting go of religion but had a really hard time calling it "speaking in tongues" because it carried too much baggage for me.

Over the years I've come across many different words, terms, and phrases that point to this language...most notably "Light Language". I've been trying to avoid using this phrase because I've seen people on YouTube using it and I just feel it's been turned into an attention grab, not with all of them, but a lot. For me, it's a very sacred thing...something I don't want to turn into a watered-down version of what it really is.

So, that's that.

For the sake of making this article easier to understand and without having to rewrite the dictionary, I'm just going to use Light Language. It's a term "mostly" understood by certain people in the spiritual community and there is already a decent amount of information around it to help people get a broader sense of the term without me having to invent something new.

What you'll read here is my own personal experience, my gained wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from the nearly 4 decades of practicing it, seeing it, and hearing it in various settings. It may not represent how others practice or perceive it.

My hope is that you will at least keep an open mind about what you read. And maybe you will want to access your own beautiful, inner language by the time you finish. Yes, you can do it too. Everyone can if they wish to and are patient.

What Is Light Language?

Light language has gone by many names...speaking in tongues, tongues of angels or heaven, the language of the gods, gift of tongues, glossolalia, shamanic speak, energetic communication, Ikaros or Icaro, star language, the language of the spirit...certainly more than this that I am unaware of.

Many cultures all over the Earth use some form of Light Language in their spiritual practices, as rites of passage, and in their sacred ceremonies, traditions, and rituals. It is used for many reasons and everyone has a little bit different idea about where it comes from, but the basic concept is similar.

Light language is a unique and spontaneous method of communication and transmission of energy, vibration, and frequency, expressed through sound, movement, action, or creation which carries information and instruction. Some people like to call the information and instruction “light codes”, which are like keys that are said to unlock portions of DNA, clear unwanted programming from the mind or body, open up channels of energy flow in the body, and give new information to the cells and systems of our physical and non-physical bodies.

Light language can be used to upload or download these “light codes”, meaning a person can be a channel for them to come through them for other people, beings, or things – or – a person can be the receiver of the codes from other people, beings or things.

Light language is a translation of vibrations and frequencies into sound, movement, and creation. It can be like a sign language interpreter using their arm, hand, and finger movements to translate verbal language into a signed language so that people who cannot hear will be able to understand.

There is a little bit of a difference in that light language is not usually intellectually understood. It’s usually a feeling or a knowing of a concept, or just the receiving or sending of energy.

For many people, what I just said won’t mean much. It sounds like word salad and it's pretty vague. Light language, because of its nature, is hard to define. The applications for its use are probably infinite and it is pretty difficult to describe with a few sentences that have no context. I feel like it's something a person has to actually experience themselves to make things "click" so to speak.

Given my definition, you might still be wondering what it really means, what it looks like, and how it’s used. I have uploaded a few light language transmissions to my YouTube channel if you want to check them out HERE.

Practical Examples

Let’s say a person is sick and they are seeing an energy worker who uses light language in their practice. An example of how the energy worker may use it would be to start speaking their own light language for the sick person while they are having a session. The energy worker, as they are doing this, is channeling information and instruction from Source/God/Creator/Infinite Intelligence through their own body (using sounds or movements) to the person who is sick in order to help facilitate healing in the body. They may or may not touch the sick person and they may or may not be in the presence of the sick person. Energy work such as light language operates outside the realm of time and space.

That is just one example of how it may be used. Below are some examples of how I use them personally in my own spiritual practice, general life, and with people.

I love meditation, intercession, and using incantations. Sometimes while I am doing these things, I feel a sense of energy building inside of me that cannot be expressed with words in my native tongue. So, I use light language as a means to express this energy in order for it to be used in conjunction with my practices.

If I am in need of healing, clarity, or help in some way and I cannot find the words to articulate my intention, I use light language.

When working with a client or group during a guided meditation I may slip into using light language as a more accurate system of leading them in the present moment for what they need.

During a healing session with a person, rather than use known words I sometimes use light language to transfer information and instructions to their being. Of course, while working with others I ALWAYS get consent before going ahead because some people are not receptive to the idea or may not know what it is and feel uncomfortable.

If I am expressing myself with music or art, I will use light language to assist the creative process.

Sometimes, I will feel the expansion of energy within my being at random times throughout the day, or even if I wake up at night and start using it. My husband has reported that I will be talking in light language while I’m asleep sometimes.

Words Are Limiting

Human language is just a bunch of sounds that we assign definitions and meanings to. We call them words and we use words to form sentences in order to have conversations and explain things so that we can (hopefully) understand one another and get things accomplished.

The problem is that words themselves are confining and can sometimes be frustrating when someone doesn’t agree on the definition of a specific word or the meaning of a sentence. Words compartmentalize concepts, so do labels and names. All of these things have been helpful in humans working together at lower densities, but are not so helpful when there is a desire to operate at higher densities and for the transferring of more pure energy.

Light Language (in one of its forms), like human language, is a bunch of sounds too, but instead of having definitions and agreed-upon meanings, it is simply the use of sound, movement, or creation to express energy in the present moment. It is like speaking spirit to spirit, heart to heart. And because our hearts and spirits understand energy, vibration, and frequency in their raw forms, there is no need for a translator. There is no need for our minds to apply restrictive terminology in order for the information and instructions that come through light language to be used by our physical or non-physical bodies.

The second we begin to label something and give it a definition and a word, the meaning of it kind of dissolves. Kind of like the word love. This is a word that we use to share how we feel about a person who means a LOT to us, but "love" does not describe the feeling of deep, unexplainable connection and "knowing" we have of a person. When we say "I love you" to someone that we truly feel that way about, it doesn't do the knowing of it justice.

Imagine the person you love the most in the world. Now try to define that love with words and sentences. How many books could we fill just trying to find the right words to explain what it means to love someone with all of your being...what it feels like...what it looks like and how you experience it...and how many ways you can show love to a person…and how you can love two people the same amount but in different ways…or how you can love your partner, but also your favorite shoes.

There are energies, vibrations, and frequencies all around us that can be expressed in ways that words will NEVER be able to do because words create a type of separation between us and everything else. That separation is like a boundary telling a thing, or a person, or an experience, "You stay within the parameters of this definition".

There are inexplicable things that Source/God/Creator/Infinite Intelligence wants to share with us, ways that it wants to help us, things it wants to show us, experiences it wants us to have. One way that we can access these things is by using light language.

What Does It Look/Sound Like

In its audible or verbal form, light language can sound like a foreign language to a person hearing it, sometimes there are clicks and other lip or tongue noises, and other times it may sound like grunts, moans, groans, cries, or tones.

Sometimes there may be people who sound or look similar to each other when they use their light language, but the meaning and energy behind it will be different because the people and their intentions are different.

In its visual, bodily form it can look like ecstatic dance, spontaneous yoga, fluid body movement, the arms or hands and fingers making symbols kind of like sign language. It can look like shaking or vibrating or convulsing too.

In its written form it may look like ancient hieroglyphs, cuneiform, or symbolism.

These are just three forms through which the language of light can come through and I’m going to stay within these categories or else this is going to turn into an entire book.

Light language can look and sound very bizarre to someone who has never experienced it in these forms before.

No matter which form is being used, light language is unplanned, unscripted, and completely spontaneous. There is no predetermined path that can be seen. It is a journey of trust and surrender into the unknown realm of energetic expression.

What Does it Feel Like

Have you ever heard a song or looked at a piece of art and "FELT" something in the core of your being? And sometimes, when we feel that way we say, "That really spoke to me".

Indeed, it DID speak.

But it didn't speak with words. In fact, the moment we try to articulate what we are feeling, it falls flat as the words leave our a wet towel dropping to the floor.

These feelings we get from music or art, perhaps a scene in nature or a moment of realization that has "spoken" to us, maybe the birth of a child... That is the beginning of understanding what light language feels like.

We are feeling the energies being channeled through the person who has created something, or through nature expressing itself...and in that moment, we were open enough to receive what was being offered and we felt it. We KNEW it on a much deeper level than what words could even begin to touch.

Most people have had an experience as I mentioned above where something from the outside really speaks to them or moves them or resonates with them so deeply that they have an emotional reaction to it while being unable to explain it. That is one way to describe what being a receiver of light language is like, though there are many more ways to experience receiving it.

But what does it feel like when you’re the one using or channeling it?

It’s kind of like trying to explain what it feels like to be a parent to a person who has never had children. Hours and hours of conversation could be had trying to illuminate the contrast between the love and pain of being a parent…all the examples of things you do as a parent…we can point to movies that highlight parenting and still it doesn’t compare. I give the definition of “parent” in the dictionary a thumbs down.

Again, I can only speak from my perspective, it might feel different to other people. For me, it feels like a "knowing", which is difficult to explain because words just don't come close to making sense of it to someone else.

The knowing has nothing to do with common sense or intellect and it is not anything like book knowledge. It is something so absolutely an awareness that is complete…something that seems ancient, like absolute truth, something familiar, something that says, YES. But it is inexplicable.

It has felt at times to me, like the urge to push while in labor, without the pain of a tightening or squeezing in the solar plexus or in the diaphragm area. Like my body wants to double over or curl inward.

I have felt it like a groan, a moan, or the need to cry, like something welling up inside, wanting to pour out. It has felt like a roar or a burst of the most authentic laughter that I've ever had. It has felt like the need to jump up and out of my chair when I've had a realization.

It has felt like an everlasting expansion of my true SELF…like an endless inhale if I am open to it for receiving or an infinite exhale if I am channeling it for someone else. It feels like a refreshing well that will never run dry. It feels like wisdom, peace, unity, oneness…like I am aligned and connected (as we all are) to the infinite Love of the I AM. When I am using my language, the illusion of separation between everyone and everything disappears.

Sometimes there is cold or heat in my body in specific places or all over...sometimes tingles or feelings of electricity...sometimes waves or pulses or energy rolling through my body...sometimes I shake, shudder, or convulse.

There have been times when meditating, praying, singing, dancing, or doing almost anything, when I feel the urge to make a sound or move in a different way, or like something yearns to be expressed through me. It is a fluid feeling and effortless if I allow it. Maybe it wants me to move my arm or leg in a certain way, or use a bunch of sounds strung together.

It feels like the most beautiful creative flow when I am singing, dancing, drawing, writing, or being creative in some way...I even have just a touch of it now as I am thinking about it.

Everything just feels "right" when I use my light language. I can use it at will, whenever, or wherever I want for any reason.

I have NEVER been taken over while using it by another being, entity, or energy against my free will. I don’t know anyone in real life who has ever had their free will infringed upon in this way. Some people online have said that they have been essentially “possessed” by something else and can’t control it, and I could be wrong, but I believe that on some level that person was consenting even if they were not conscious of it.

An absolute law of this universe is free will and consent. Whether it is a positively or negatively oriented being or entity, they all must abide by that law and gain our consent in some way. I know many disagree with this and even get angry at the suggestion because they perceive “victims” and “perpetrators” in a separate way, but that is a topic for another time.

In any case, there is no need to be afraid of being taken over randomly by something other than yourself. If that was something that happened frequently, you’d see an awful lot more people running around like circus monkeys.

There have been times when I have had extremely intense experiences with light languages that felt like I was “taken over” but at any moment if I become uncomfortable, I can shut it off immediately. It is only my consent given to the energies flowing through me that gave permission for the intensity.

Purpose and Use of Light Language

This is in no way an exhaustive list. And rather than try to formulate paragraphs, in this section, I am just going to use bullet points and short phrases to point to some of the purposes and ways to use light language.

- It can bring healing energy

- If we don’t know exactly what is needed in any given circumstance, it can help by accessing the infinite potential of Source/God/Creator so that the perfection of the moment can be delivered.

- Light language is a direct and beautiful way to commune with Source, angels, ancestors, animals, nature, and other beings. It is communication with life itself, interacting directly with the energy field that is within and around us. - It can assist with creativity, brainstorming, and accessing wisdom and clarity.

- If you are feeling low, it can help raise your awareness into joy, peace, contentment, calm, etc. Please do not use it to bypass your lower emotions that need to be experienced in order for them to be released and integrated.

- Use it as a form of prayer or intercession. Those who practice witchcraft may use it for their rituals, spells, incantations, and performing magick.

- Light language can be used with affirmations and intentions.

- It is a way to connect to the heart without the mind getting in the way.

- It can help us learn how to fully trust and let go of the need to be in control.

- Align with your higher self for a boost in spiritual growth and self-realization.

- Can help in aligning with your intuition.

- Activate memories of the unconscious, bringing them to the front of the mind.

- It is a way to pray without trying to find the perfect words

- Activate dormant portions of DNA.

- Use it to balance, re-align and cleanse energy centers (chakras).

- Infuse specific energy into what you eat or drink, your home, your possessions, gifts that you give to people, products you sell, etc.

- Access your own ancient wisdom with light language.

- Change the energy of a room or space you are in.

- Use it to send prayers across time and space.

How to Access Your Own Light Language

I believe that anyone is capable of using light language. It can be easier for some people than it is for others to access the state necessary to channel it so I hope this section will be helpful to anyone who wishes to open up to this aspect of themselves.

We are all wired so differently, which means I’m not going to be able to give you a step-by-step process that will guarantee your success. If what I say doesn’t work out for you, maybe someone else online has a way that will help you more than I can. What I can do, is give you some ideas that could point you in the right direction.

The thing about using light language is that your spirit and your body are going to have to communicate with each other and no one can tell you what that feels like. Only you are going to know the feelings of guidance and intuition inside of you.

It might be helpful for you to find a place to “try it” where you are alone and don’t feel like people are listening or watching. Being observed can sometimes make us feel insecure, timid, and clamp up, which hinders the process.

Set an intention (when you decide to do it) that you have entered into this time for learning how to use your light language and that you are only open to receiving energies that are of Love, Light, and Unity. Communicate this intention to Source/God/Creator/Higher Self or to whomever you pray to or ask for help from. Setting intentions is important because not everything that wants to be channeled is positive in nature.

Some people find it helpful to get into a meditative state first because once you have found that natural state of “being” it is much easier to let your language flow through you. And laying down might work well to begin with because you won’t have to be concerned about keeping your body upright or in a position that takes more concentration.

This is a time to completely let go of the mind and what it is thinking. This is not an intellectual thing that you are doing, it is purely energetic which will only be understood through your senses at first. The more you try to make sounds or movements happen, the more difficult it will be. Don't try to emulate others as that won’t be authentic to you and it won’t be light language anyway because it is not something that can be copied.

If you are a person who likes to be in charge or control things, this might be difficult, but you have to give that up, at least while you use your light language. Accessing light language is the opposite of controlling or manipulating or having everything all planned out. Along those lines, you must let go of expectations of what it “should” sound like or look like or expecting it to happen within a certain time frame.

Most people have not been born with the natural ability to access their own language and it isn’t taught to most of us as we are growing up. It’s much easier for children to find theirs because they don’t have as many restricting mindsets and their imagination is still much more intact. They haven’t formed limiting beliefs about what they can do. So, if you are an adult who wants to use your light language, give yourself some grace as you practice and learn how your body and intuition speak to you. This is a cooperative action so you will need to learn how to not shut down your body’s signals and the subtle feelings around and in you. Become like a child in your mind, feeling like all things are possible.

Because light language is coming through your body, that’s where you will feel it. It’s important to really tune in and feel what your body is wanting to do.

When you are just starting out, the feelings can be so subtle. But if you can, be wholly present in your body. Focus your attention on your mouth, throat, and vocal cords. Do they feel like anything? If so, do they feel like making a sound? Rather than creating sound in your mind before you use it, let it just fall out of your mouth. At first, it may sound like a bunch of blubbery mush or incongruent sounds, perhaps like a baby learning how to use its tongue, lips, and mouth. Over time sounds will start to develop and your own unique expression will form.

Maybe you can feel more of a movement within your body rather than a sound. Where do you feel it? Does it make you want to use your fingers, hands, or arms in a certain way? Do you feel like your core wants to move in a certain way? Let your body do the moving. Don’t think about what movement should come next. Just allow it to move.

If nothing seems to want to happen, you could try humming, singing, or dancing to some music that doesn’t have words. Get into the “feeling” of the music, and really let yourself go into it like you never have before. Once you are into it, let your mouth and your body move the way that feels most natural. Remember, all of this is unplanned and spontaneous. Think of it like improv speech or freestyle dance.

Let the sounds and movements take YOU. You don’t take them. You are not making them happen. Light language is happening THROUGH you. Your body is just the vessel, channel, and instrument.

If nothing “happens” for a while, it’s okay. Let go of frustration, concern, or doubt. It may take some time to learn the feelings in your body and the state of “knowing” within yourself that only YOU can learn from yourself. If you haven’t already, read the section I wrote above, “What Does It Feel Like” to get an idea of how it might feel for you. But trying to force it to happen won’t make it happen.

Also, know that no higher being is keeping it from you for any reason. You don't have to be good enough or special enough or at some higher spiritual level.

If you know someone who uses their own light language, ask them if they would be willing to sit with you and use it while you practice accessing yours. Sometimes just the energy of another person who is familiar with using it can trigger something to “unlock” inside of you.

The biggest hurdle really is the mind. Most people try to think their way through this. They might be on the verge of moving their mouth or body and their mind starts shouting, “Are you sure this is the right way?” There is no right way. Your language is going to sound unique to you. And you’re probably going to think you sound or look ridiculous at first. If you care at all, that will hold you back.

If you are afraid or uncomfortable with this, it will be more difficult to get into a state where you can allow it to flow. It might work better when you feel like you are more open to it.

Right now, it may seem like a struggle to grasp the process of light language. But once you get it, you’ll never forget it and you’ll be able to use it whenever you want.

How Light Language Works

This is the way that I understand it. But I’m not a scientist and I’m always learning so I might not use the proper terms. Light language itself has not really been studied because we don’t have the tools to “prove” or test it out. But what we can do, is learn about energy, vibration, and frequency to get a better understanding of how it works.

Everything we see, feel, hear, taste and touch is energy. Everything. Even stuff we don’t have the capacity in our body to experience through our senses is energy. What we think of as solid matter isn’t solid at all, but vibrating bits of information that our senses perceive as something solid or tangible in some way. Even the colors of light vibrate and create different wavelengths and depending on the color, have different frequencies. We perceive these energies of light as “colors” based on how our eyes translate the wavelengths and frequencies.

Thoughts, emotions, and intentions are also energies that vibrate different wavelengths and frequencies, though much more subtle than what we see, hear, feel, taste, and touch. Planets, stars, solar systems, plants, animals, water…everything has its own unique energetic signature which is expressed by vibrating a certain way and having a certain frequency.

When we are using light language, we are tuning into something specific, just like a radio where you adjust the dial to a certain frequency to pick up the transmission of a broadcast. If you have very sensitive equipment for radio waves, you can pick up stuff from the other side of the world. That is why it’s important to set an intention before you use light language because you may pick up on things that you don’t necessarily want to be channeling. Not that it’s necessarily “bad” but maybe just a bunch of “noise”.

The vibrations and frequencies that energy puts out are the information and instructions that tell our senses what to perceive.

Frequencies can literally change the structure of matter and this is how it can be used for healing. To get a better understanding of how frequencies can change the structure of matter, research “Cymatics”. There are certain tones that can be generated specifically for the act of healing. Certain tones for certain organs of the body as well. But intention mixed with our intuitive light language can do the same thing as it creates the necessary frequencies to affect the body.

When we use light language, we are picking up the signals (vibrations and frequency) from other beings or things and we are translating those signals that carry information and instructions into sounds, movements, and creations for ourselves or others to participate with – like people listening to the radio or watching a screen.

There is so much more that I could get into about this topic, but if you want to further your understanding of the world of energy, vibration, and frequency here is a short list of topics and people you might want to check out. Some of these topics or people may seem unrelated to one another at first glance, but if you get into them deep enough, they all go together and start to form a larger picture of reality which makes sense of so much spiritual stuff that is hard to explain.

- Cymatics. As I mentioned before, this is the study of how sound and vibrations have on matter.

- Quantum Entanglement. This is about how particles that were once together, even when separated and placed far apart, experience what the other one experiences at the exact same moment. There is more to it than that but that is my watered-down version.

- Entrainment. Specifically in the realm of science. Where one thing resonating at a certain vibration or frequency “trains” another thing into falling in “sync” with itself.

- The Quantum Field Theory. Impossible for me to articulate. You’ll have to look this one up yourself.

- Bruce Lipton. A scientist who studies epigenetics and biology among other things and explains how the mind and intentions can change how genetic code is expressed in the human body.

- Joe Dispenza. A researcher who studies how the mind, during meditative states can shift our perception of reality and help us heal.

- Lynne McTaggart. An author and researcher who talks in depth about how our intentions and thoughts affect the outcomes of our personal life and the world around us.

- Dean Radin. Author and scientist that studies parapsychology, consciousness of the reality behind how magic actually works.

I hope this was helpful to you in some way…and if nothing else, that it may spur some questions and thoughts that may open up new realms of interest.

May you realize exactly who you are on your journey.


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