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Healing FAQ's

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What Is Healing?

Our natural state of being is health and wellness, vitality, peace, joy, stabiliy, feeling energized and rested. Healing is a process of restoring our mind and body, bringing them back into alignment with our spirit and that natural state which we ARE before we became physical beings.

What Is Distance or Remote Healing?

Distance/Remote healing is when an energy worker or healer is not within physical touching range of the person seeking healing and performs the healing service from afar. Because the state of health is not subject to time and space, a healer does not need to touch or even see the person they are working on.

To learn more about distance healing, click HERE.

What Is A Healer?

Firstly, a healer does not heal. As mentioned before, health is a state of being and is not "produced". It is not something that a person goes to locate or gets with great effort. It is not something that happens to a person, healing simply IS.

That being said, a healer is someone who facilitates the energetic syncronicity of body, mind and spirit in order that a person may realize and access what already exists. A healer can help a person's body and mind "tune" or sync up with the Truth of health and wellness.

Am I Being Punished?

The non-physical state of being that we orginate from is that of Love, Light, and Harmony...a state where we have the full realization that we lack nothing. There is no one there that stands in judgement of us or uses sickness, disease or pain as a way to punish us for doing something "bad".

Sadly, many religions misunderstand the nature of reality to such an extent that they project their own fears, beleifs and assumptions onto a higher being in order than they may fulfill their own need for justice and vengence. This is where many people get the idea that we are being punished through illness or pain.

How Do I Get Healed?

Accept what is happening right now. This isn't the same thing as giving up, all it means is that you are no longer fighting what is. Fighting is what causes much of the suffering. Surrender your expectations. Let go of the idea that you need certain outcome. Live your life in the present moment. Ask Source for help seeing what needs to be known about your experience. Be open to guidence so that you will be led to ways of healing that are right for you.

There are MANY tools that can assist healing and it would be impossible for me to list them all, that is why I am directing you to connect to your own inner wisdom and teacher that is always with you. If you ask sincerely with intention, your guidance will show up for you.

Why Am I Not Getting Healed?

This is such a deep topic. There are MANY reasons why a person may not be accessing their healed, whole self. In my opinion, the number 1 reason is because people don't know who they are. And I'm not talking about what style of clothing they like, their personality or their social status. I'm talking about who they are without labels and ego. I'm talking about who the SELF is that isn't assuming the personality of a human being with a first and last name who was born here and raised there and has a job. I'm talking about the SELF that lacks nothing.

In order to truly and fully heal the body and mind, one has to realize (not intellectualize) who they are in their natural state of being and what they have access to. They have to be open to their limitless potential.

Other reasons may be that a person is getting something out of being sick or in pain. Having that experience may be serving them in some conscious or unconscious way. Perhaps they are looking for attention, they want to be cared for or loved and its the only way they know to get it. Maybe there is some kind of learning experience they planned pre-birth that involves some kind of mental or physical challenge. It could be that one has a low sense of self-worth or value, or they have done something that they perceive as evil or bad and they believe they need to be punished for it. That belief system can create thought forms that become reality and manifest as sickness, disease, pain or even accidents.

Each person going through a mental or physical challenge has their own reasons, conscious or unconscious for experiencing it. None of these reasons should be misconstrued as blame towards the self, but instead a learning process and an experience to be gained.

What Is The Best Method Of Healing?

There is no magic bullet that is going to help everyone realize their natural state of health. There are endless modalities that help us sync up with wellness and we may go through many things before something just "clicks". For each individual the process of realizing health is best followed with surrendering to the guidance of Source/God/Higher Self. If trusted without fear or in a hurried fashion, exactly what we need will show up for us when we need it.

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical or mental health professional. Any media, information or products associated with April Ann Roy are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure you and are meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. Seek professional help for any physical or mental health issues. Use any information or products at your own risk.

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