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Life Goes On - Poetry

Image Credit: Sven Lachmann from Pixabay - Edits by April Ann Roy



After it tips you over and rolls you down a hill,

Life goes on

It will amaze you, caress you and kiss you till you laugh

...And trash you and smash you and leave at the curb to be picked up on Thursday

Life goes on

Rose petals, birthdays, sunny days, and cupcakes

...storms that leave skid marks on the lawn

It will toss you off a cliff, throw sand in your face and leave you naked getting groceries

On and on and on...

Life just goes

It isn’t mocking or excited or playing some cruel game

It just is what it is

Life goes on

We will pick up the pieces, we may have to start over

There will be tears and fears, but it's okay, we’ll make it

Life goes on


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