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I Prank A Scammer!

I am so absolutely tired of scam calls!!!!!!!!!!!

I get one at LEAST once per day either on my cell or home phone and sometimes multiple times per day on BOTH phones.

I had gotten into a habit of blocking certain numbers until they started using my local area code in order to mask where they were calling from. Then I just got mad.

THEN - I realized I could turn it into something fun!

I've been trying to get at least a few minutes recorded for a few months now, but most people on the other end figured it out too quickly and hung up.

Until yesterday.

I finally got an entire call recorded with my iPad while I used speaker on my phone to get the call. I laughed for the rest of the day and had so much fun editing the video.

Below is the video!

If you cannot get the player to work, use THIS LINK.



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