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Do We Know All There is to Know About 'God'?

It's just a question.

Don't freak out.

Buddism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Wicca - I could go on - They all have their ancient, sacred texts that are the foundation to their religious and spiritual beliefs and practices.

Inside these many writings are explanations of what ancient people believed 'God' or the Universal Energy was...what it looked like perhaps, how it functioned, how it treated human beings, its rules and ideals, and reason for existence.

There are a lot of similarities between how the texts describe this God-like Energy (it doesn't matter what you call it), but there are a lot of differences too...even within the same texts if several authors wrote it...and especially within a single religion itself.

Take 100 people from the same religion who read the same sacred books and you'll hear 100 different takes on who, what, where, when, why, and how about this 'God' figure. Some differences may be very small, but others are quite large and change the entire foundation of someone's belief. Because people, having all been raised differently, having had different experiences, different teachers, perceive the same words, from the same book in different ways.

And so, if that is the case, is it possible that what we know about 'God' isn't complete?

If 'God' is infinite and boundless and larger than we, as humans, could ever expect to understand (at least while we are in physical form) is it possible that from our limited perspective we only see a tiny sliver of what really is?

Is it possible that from our itsy-bitsy vantage point on earth we can't see the full scope of what this vast Energy that sews together the very framework of our existence actually is?

Is it possible that we have made up all sorts of ideas about who and what 'God' is based on what writers of sacred texts perceived in their own reality...their own culture...their own upbringing...their own experiences?

Is it possible?

It's just a question.

It shouldn't scare you.

It shouldn't make you mad.

If 'God' is as all-knowing, understanding, and is full of knowledge and wisdom, as some sacred texts claim, then we are in no danger AT ALL of asking some simple questions.

I have a son.

When I gave birth to him, I didn't expect him to comprehend who I am the second I put him to my breast. Yeah, he instinctually knew that my boobs were for food, he trusted me for safety and life...but he didn't know me. Not really. He didn't perceive me in the fullness of who I am at all.

Now that he is a pre-teen, his conception of me has grown...but still, there are many instances when he misunderstands notes I've written for him, sentences that I've spoken to him, looks that I've given him, gestures that I've made...

Whoever and whatever 'God' is...don't you think it's at least possible that we misunderstand what other people have written? What other people have said?

Is it possible that what we believe and feel about 'God' isn't complete...or accurate?

Isn't it at least possible that our perception is not only limited but skewed because every experience we've had shapes how we see literally EVERYTHING?

It's just a question.

And if we can answer that question with honesty, I wonder if that would help us create more understanding between us humans. I wonder if that would create less divide...less "us versus them" mentality.

Because if it's possible that we don't know all there is to know about God, then it's a lot harder for us to judge and criticize others. It's harder for us to label people and defend ourselves and draw lines in the sand.

It's just a question.


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