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Divide and Conquer - The Game They Play

In doing a little research about his topic, even the phrase “divide and conquer” pulls up opinion pieces blaming Trump or Obama or any other former president or political group for using the tactic of divide and conquer to get what they want.

The writers of these articles COMPLETELY miss the point of the term and are baited right into the trap of producing more divide and conquer.

The powers that be - you know, the ones that have the money and control on our planet - want us to argue and fight and riot and kill. They want us to keep debating about left or right, blue or red, black or white. They make money when we fight. They gain control when we blindly follow this political party or that one.

They force us to blame one another for all the problems we see.

Then they conquer us by offering “solutions” to problems they purposely created in order to get what they want. They make us think our choices and votes are our own when we just regurgitate the rhetoric they’ve scripted.

They take real issues that need to be solved and spin them this way and that, like a blender on high speed without a cover...adding more and more to the swirling mess until it explodes.

They are getting ready to eat us.

You think you are fighting against systemic racism or bigotry, gender inequality, or the wage gap.

But you’re not.

There is a well thought out game of control being played behind every well-intentioned movement, fueling the fire of division, hatred, and greed. The leaders of these movements may not even know they are being baited, but they are. These movements may not have started out as bait for the masses, but if they get enough media attention they are used and steered by the unseen rudder.

And it’s not just happening with one side. It’s not the republicans or conservatives’’s not the democrats or liberals’ fault. They bait ALL sides. ALL angles. ALL movements.

They feed us garbage on the evening news and social media, loading us up with tasty tidbits of fear-mongering and hateful drama. We think we’re being fed a full course meal packed with nutrition and truth as they distract us with, “look over here! look over there!” and “don’t you just despise those people and that thing and that movement!”.

Meanwhile, we’re starving, wasting away like a hungry, caged animal.

You know what hungry caged animals do when they are released? They kill and feast on the first thing that triggers them.

It doesn’t matter to the greedy mother-fuckers at the top of the food chain. They watch as the raging animals devour their prey - the prey that was strategically laid out in plain sight. Unlike the rest of us, the powers that be sit high in their majestic courts, protected by paid gunmen that none of us can afford.

They pass laws while we fight and feast. Laws that fill their bank accounts. Laws that pad their asses. Laws that feed their huge, overgrown heads filled with hot air and word salad.

They plan for their future of gold-lined bedrooms while we scrounge for morsels and tear each other apart.

Don’t you see?


They want everyone to hate everyone and fight and kill so they can move us like chess pieces across a checkered board that they can dump and start over if they desire. We do their bidding even if we think we’re woke. We’re slaves to their system even if we think we’re free.

Oh, you think I’m talking about any one of the presidents or the other politicians?


Of course, politicians are greedy and power-hungry. But they’re just pawns too.

You think it’s the republican party or the democratic party to blame?

Nope to that too.

It doesn’t matter which side you choose. The powers that be play both sides. Knowingly. For a purpose. It doesn’t matter to them which person you vote for. It doesn’t matter which cause you stand behind. We are all equally as playable in their sick game.

We need to end this game because they won’t.

We can end it by listening to each other, not just one side. Not just the side that makes us feel safe and keeps our belief systems intact. We can end it by having a broader mindset, seeing from other perspectives. We can end it by having mature conversations and coming together as ONE people.

I know there are some awful, racist, sexist, greedy assholes out there. They will probably never change. Fighting them won’t solve anything, it will just cause them to solidify their ideas even more.

The vast majority of humans that I know - while some of them can be stubborn - all want the same thing for EVERYONE. We want equal rights no matter the color of your skin or your gender. We want fair and livable wages. We want to be treated well, as integral parts of this living organism we call Earth. We want to feel like we have a purpose. We want to see everyone well fed with healthy food. We want HONEST science with the least amount of bias as possible. We want everyone to have a proper home and reliable transportation. We want everyone’s physical and emotional needs to be met and exceed current standards.

The bulk of humanity WANTS things to change for the better.

But none of this will change with swords drawn and armor on.

REMEMBER: They want us to fight. If you take the bait, they win.


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