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I channel information (energy) for other people mainly through sound and written language. This could be specific messages or transmissions that are clearly perceived in English, other times it may be through Light Language and may not be directly understood by the person hearing it, but easily accepted by the body, mind and spirit (if allowed).

Aspects of my higher Self and other beings (physical or non-physical) are channeled through my music, art, writing, light language and meditations to help those who are attracted to it come into harmony with their True Self and natural state of being.

I only channel energy that comes from the Love, Light and Unity of the ONE infinite Creator/Source/God.

On my YouTube channel you'll find spontaneous transmissions, light language and channeled information relevant to certain themes and times.

CONTACT me for details and questions.

Learn more about channeling HERE.


When availible, see store listings for pricing


Disclaimer: I am not a medical or mental health professional. Any media, information or products associated with April Ann Roy are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure you and are meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. Seek professional help for any physical or mental health issues. Use any information or products at your own risk.

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