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Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching

Tap into your own ancient wisdom and inner knowing! Experience the innate connection between you and your higher self and unveil the answers that you have been looking for. Learn to trust yourself and be the sovereign authority in your own life.

·       Do you have a desire for personal or spiritual growth and awareness?

·       Do you have a sense that there is more to who you are and what your life can be?​

·       Are you looking for meaning and purpose in life?

·       Are you feeling lost or stuck in repetitive, negative patterns?

I am a certified Life Coach with special training in Life Purpose and Self-Realization. My goal is to help you connect with the part of yourself that has the answers you are looking for. I want to support you in realizing who you truly are, uncovering your purpose, embracing healing and well-being, and helping you reach your goals.

I want to help you alchemize your life into GOLD!!!

Because life is always in flux, my style of coaching is intuitive and spontaneous which meets the energy of the present moment rather than using a one size fits all or a step-by-step method. You will find that our sessions seem much more like friends talking rather than a clinical approach.

Please CONTACT me for questions, details and to set up a session.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical or mental health professional. Any media, information or products associated with April Ann Roy are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure you and are meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. Seek professional help for any physical or mental health issues. Use any information or products at your own risk.

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