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How Long Have You Been Writing?

The first thing I ever wrote was a short story about a girl and a tornado. That was when I was 12 or 13. Ever since then writing has been one of my highest passions and something I have never stopped doing.

What Kinds of Things Do You Write?

Lyrics for songs, poetry, short stories, novels, coaching programs, self-realization journals, self-help books...

Have You Ever Published A Book?

I used a vanity press to publish the first novel I finished in 2008. I will never go that route again...but it was a good experience to show me what I prefer!!! I am proud of myself for having finished a long peice like that and for having gone through the process of editing, researching and everything, but the book has content that I no longer believe in so I do not promote it.

What Genres Do You Write?

Much of my work is geared towards self-realization, even my poetry and fiction have a deeper meaning in this way...but, I have written allegory, fabels, fantasy, erotica, horror, mystery, dystopian, adventure...probably some other types that I don't know the category for.

How Many Books Have You Written?

I saw one book through to completion (as of 2023) but I have at least 10 books in process. Someday I hope to finish and publish them all!!!

Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

Literally anywhere! A song I hear, a phrase that pops in my head, an experience I have, a real life story I catch wind of...sometimes ideas even spring forth while I'm meditating.

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