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Harmonic Resonance FAQ's

We are creating Harmonic Resonance as individuals coming together to become as ONE song that calls to the hearts of those who seek, offering them an opportunity to be a part of the melody of healing and awakening as we sing for the Earth and all of her inhabitants.



What Is Harmonic Resonance?

Harmonic Resonance is not a new term and is used in many different applications like electricity, energy, sound or frequencies, even mechanical engineering and physics. You may have heard song or book titles that go by this name and even organizations.


When I use the term, I am referring to a state of being that we can get into as individuals and as groups of people. This state is that of harmony and healing within our body, mind and spirit so that our entire self can co-operate as ONE unified being and having come into harmony, our being will then emit a frequency that resonates with the Ultimate ONE…Source, God, Universe, whatever you prefer to call the intelligent energy that is the foundation of all realities. We can also achieve this type of Harmonic Resonance within a group setting.


Harmony, or the act of being Harmonic is about things that appear as separate coming together in a complimentary and synchronistic way. If you have ever heard a song where all the vocals are blended just right, you know the power of that type of sound can have on the mind and body. You can FEEL it. The frequency we radiate when we are harmonized with each other in an energetic way produces sound as well, we just cannot hear it with our human ears.


Resonance can have both creative and destructive properties depending on how it is used. As we join our individual frequencies together to form a unified field of energy, that creates resonance. We can use that resonance to make tears in the veils that darken our spiritual eyes so that we can see the Truth of who we really are. We can also use that resonance to create access doors and assist in healing and awakening for others.


What is the Purpose of Harmonic Resonance?

Harmonic Resonance is for those of us who want to unite in one heart with intention and focus. It is for those of us who, as individuals seek healing, a deeper awakening, higher states of consciousness and to bring light into the darkness. We want join and magnify the flow of the Life Force/Source/God (whatever you prefer to call it) not only to help ourselves and each other within the group setting, but to then direct flow of the amplified energy we have created together and send it to people who are not with us or situations we know of that need Love and Healing within our community.


As we transition from 3rd to 4th density and shift into the New Earth energy, we are being asked to move in more unified, harmonic, synchronistic, balanced and aligned ways with our Mother Earth and with each other. The Harmonic Resonance sessions that I hold are for the purpose of practicing the wisdom of this ONEness in unity and love.


The New Earth isn’t going to magically arrive for us without any effort and so Harmonic Resonance sessions are here to provide one avenue through which we can practice how to get into alignment with self and others, develop compassion and acceptance for self and others. As we are building the foundation for the New Earth, this foundation MUST be built upon love and unity consciousness.


How Does April Use Harmonic Resonance to Serve?

Right now I guide a Harmonic Resonance group for Ely Wellness Collaborative (of which I am a co-founder). We hold a monthly gathering where we share a pot luck style meal together, have a time of sharing and finish the night with a Harmonic Resonance session. If you would like more information about these gatherings or Ely Wellness Collaborative, please email us at


What Happens During a Harmonic Resonance Session?

In a group setting, I will start off by asking and writing down any requests that anyone presents has. Maybe someone has pain or is looking for clarity on a decision they need to make, perhaps there is assistance wanted in a particular area of life or in the life of someone they know.


After the requests have been taken, the lights are usually turned low, everyone gets into a comfortable position, whether that be sitting or lying…often people bring yoga mats and blankets to relax and get into a surrendered state.


Then I will guide everyone in a meditation to become present, do some easy breath focusing and then move into spontaneous flow of love and gratitude for the body or calling back energy to the entire self or allowing for balance and alignment within the body, mind, spirit. None of this is scripted so the words and the guidance vary from session to session, flowing with what is needed in the moment.


After guiding everyone at an individual level of harmony, we will then move into doing something similar for the group. Focusing our energy on everyone who is present coming into energetic harmony with each other, establishing a solid foundation of love and acceptance for everyone there.


Once there is a sense that everyone is generally synced up with one another, we will focus our attention and energy out into our community for what it needs, to send love and whatever else comes up spontaneously. And finally, we will all use our focus and attention to assist with the requests that were made by people at the beginning.


If you have ever been a part of an intercessory prayer group, it is quite similar…but without specific adherence to any religion. I try to be as inclusive with my language and guidance as possible.


During the Harmonic Resonance sessions there may be Light Language or channeling that comes through to assist with the energy flow, to answer specific questions or share wisdom. Often, you may not be able to tell the difference between my regular words or wisdom that is being channeled, but if there is space/time available for individual questions the beings will let you know.


Again, these sessions are entirely spontaneous and unscripted. I am never exactly sure what will come through or where we will be guided, with exception of the requests made.


How Long Do These Sessions Go?

Most often they are longer than an hour no matter how many people attend. Given the spontaneous nature of this type of energetic work, there is no set end time. I try to be sensitive how long sessions go, but I cannot guarantee that things will wrap up at a certain time. This flow state is something that will be common in the New Earth, rather than the rigid time constraints we have been used to for many thousands of years.


What If I Can’t Stay for The Entire Session?

If you are attending a group session and you need to leave in the middle of it, feel free to do so, but please be respectful of others around you as they remain in a meditative state. In general, treat the session like you would if you were going to a meditation studio. If you know you are going to have to leave, prepare all your belongings in such a way and sit near an exit so that you will be able to leave with minimal disruption.


What If I don’t know what I’m doing?

You don’t have to at all! This is why I am guiding the sessions. After just a few minutes, you will begin to understand what we are doing and if you frequent the Ely Wellness Collaborative gatherings, you will soon become familiar with how everything flows. And I will never call anyone out or ask you to speak if you do not want to.


What Will I Experience During a Session?

Externally, you will hear my verbal guidance of meditation and the subject we are all bringing our attention to energetically. You may hear me use Light Language or channeling as well. And if you have your eyes open, perhaps even some symbolic hand/arm/body movements from myself or others. Internally, you may experience interesting sensations and deep emotions may arise in your body as you become more tuned to higher frequencies. But this doesn’t always happen either. Whatever you experience, it is all normal and nothing needs to be judged.


I have More Questions Not Answered Here

Please reach out to me HERE with any questions you have about Harmonic Resonance or anything to do with Spirituality, Self-Realization or Energetic Healing.


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