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Channeling FAQ's

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What Is Channeling?

So many definitions out there! Here's mine: channeling is the ability to get into an altered state where the person who channels is able to allow different thoughts, information or expressions through that don't necessarily originate from the channeler's lower mind. It is the process of receiving information/enegy and then expressing it through whatever form the channeler is inclined to. In my case, I get into a higher state of consciousness, kind of like a meditative state where the frequency that my body/mind is vibrating at closely matches that of the beings that I channel so that I am able to receive their thoughts or energies. After I receive information from them, I then allow this information to be translated through my own understanding of the language and symbols that I have learned over the course of my life. This is all happening in seconds and I do my best to allow my lower mind to get out of the way so that the information translated is as pure as it can be.

What Kind Of Questions Can I Ask?

Any and all questions! The more questions the better! There is no question too small...even asking about your pets or circumstances in daily life are honored. The beings that I channel like to be of service in any way that is helpful to our path, and sometimes that means asking about things that might seem trivial.

Please feel free to continue asking questions until you feel you are understood or until the channeled being lets you know it is time to move on.

Why Didn't My Question Get Answered?

I may channel a highly evolved group of beings at times, but that does not mean they are all knowing. They only have access to the information that is shared within their group. Not only that, but as they are being filtered through the human channel, they are only able to use the understanding and the language that the channel themself has. For example: if a person asks a highly complex question about quantum physics and the channeler has no knowledge of the terms that need to be communicated, it will be very difficult for even highly evolved beings to share their wisdom. The channel may very well understand the concept on an energetic level, but may not be able to express that with words in their native language.

Another reason your question may not get answered is because you are not ready for it, even if you think you are. Or, it may be that you are supposed to find the answer within yourself through learned experiences.

In some cases, beings will not share information you requested because in giving the information it will infringe on your free-will or cause you to take a route that will have a less positive outcome for you or others you interact with if they gave it to you.

Is Channeling Even Real?

So far, there is no "proof" that channeling is real. But what we can know is how the channeled information makes us feel. If it is presented in Love, Light and Harmony, and if the information or energy coming through is helpful and healing in anyway, then isn't that all that matters?

Every channeler has their off days that might make it more challenging to get into their usual channeling state. No channel is perfect and this is because the information coming through a person is filtered through their mind, their biases, their beliefs, perceptions and their own knowledge. Not only that, whatever or whomever is sending the information to the channeler also has their own mind, biases, beliefs, perceptions and knowledge. This means that there will sometimes be inconsistencies. Science itself is "real" and also has inconsistencies.

Why Are Channeled Predictions Wrong Sometimes?

We are heavily reliant on the use of "time" in our reality. But outside of this realm that we are so accustomed to, things don't act the way we would expect them to act. Humans have an extremely limited perspective in that we generally assume that what we can see, feel, hear, taste or touch is the only thing that exists.

Sometimes predictions are "wrong" because our perspectives have created assumptions that are not accurate and so we decipher these predictions through those lenses. Example: Many people got their undies in a bunch when 2012 came and went and the world didn't end. The problem wasn't that certain predictions were wrong, it was that the perceptions were wrong. They assumed that the message ancient civilizations were trying to tell us had to do with some kind of doomsday event when it actually had to do with the end of a cycle on earth and the consciousness of 3rd density.

Another reason predictions might be wrong is because of probability. Very few things are "certain" and the further away from the projected date the prediction is, the more unknown the certainty is. Predictions are like weather forecasts. If a weather person tells us it will be sunny tomorrow and it ends up being rainy, we don't call them a charlatan, we simply realize that they are predicting an outcome for tomorrow based on the current conditions of the atmosphere, but as we all know, that can change. Nothing in the illusion of "future" can be known with 100% certainty. In fact, just the telling of a "fortune" or a future circumstance, especially in a single individual's life, can affect the outcome because the knowledge of such possibilities causes a shift in the awareness of the individual and cause them to make changes, even subtle ones that alter events.

How Is Channeling Helpful?

The answers we seek are within us, we always have access to them, but most of us haven't been taught how to recognize the sometimes subtle ways those answers show up. Listening to channeled information, even if you are not personally being addressed can be immensely helpful in uncovering wisdom and understanding.

Some forms of channeling, like music or light language for example, can carry powerful energies that when listened to, can activate the body's innate ability to heal and sync up with our natural state of being. These aren't the only types of channeling that healing and alignment happen through, they are just the common ones.

How Does It Work?

Scientifically speaking, no one is exactly sure (yet) how channeling actually works. But, there appears to be some form of connection that transcends time and space from one source of information or energy to the one who is channeling. If the channeler is sensitive they will pick up on certain frequencies, much like tuning into a radio station to receive the broadcast. The channeler is then allowing their body to be used to translate the information/energy.

Can Anyone Channel?

Yes. Everyone can and does channel. We channel business ideas, creative expressions like art, music and writing, inventions and solutions, and especially our own spirit, which is what gives life to our bodies. But what most people mean by this question is, "Can anyone channel beings/entities/extraterrestrials like the popular channels such as Lee Carroll, Esther Hicks or Darryl Anka?" In the future, most humans will be able to channel other entities and beings. But for now, the important thing is to follow our own true path. Being a vocal channeler of other beings is no more significant or spiritual that being a janitor or a farmer or a parent. We are all playing roles in this human experience and it's important we follow our own true path.

How Can A Person Channel If They Are Interested?

Everyone channels information with different methods from how they get into the channeling "state" to how the information is delivered. There is no step by step process that will work for everyone. Each person is so unique so their path to becoming a channel is too, though watching and listening to other channelers can help.

Some initial thoughts that might help a person with channeling would be: to be in a state of allowance, surrender and openness. You can do this while still being discerning.

If you desire to channel at will, let that intention be known to the Universe and the information, people and directions you need will come to you when you are ready.

Where Does Channeling Come From?

Many people think of extraterrestrials/aliens when they think of channeling, and of course non Earth beings are one source of channeled information/energy, but there are so many more sources. Our own subconscious mind is one of them, giving us understanding and insight into programs we may be running unawares. Angels, ascended masters, ancestors, our higher self, universal mind, descendants, guardians, guides, plants, trees, rocks, animals, the quantum field... whether physical or non-physical, anything or anyone who is transmitting information/energy can be channeled. It all depends on the frequency the channeler is tuned into as to what they will pick up on.

Bottom Line: we are all aspects of the ONE infinite Source of all that is. We are not separate beings or elements, it only appears that way. So, essentially, channelers are channeling just another aspect of themself.

What Types of Channeling Are There?

I mentioned common ways that we have all channeled information/energy in our lives, like art, music or ideas. When people think of the word channeling most of the time they are talking about the versions that are associated with the metaphysical realm.

  • Trance channeling- Generally speaking trance channelers are not consciously aware of what they are saying or doing while they are channeling. Jane Roberts and Carla Rueckert were two channelers who went into trance state while they channeled, having no memory of what had been said through them until they read or listened to the transcripts that were recorded. In cases like this people are most often laying down.

  • Conscious Channeling - This means that the people are aware of what they are saying and doing while they are channeling. Esther Hicks, Lee Harris, Lee Carol and Daniel Scranton are examples of people who channel consciously.

  • Light Language - This form of channeling is not usually understood by the listener or even the channeler and while the vocal sounds can resemble Earth languages, they do not originate from Earth, at least from our modern times. Ideas are that Light Language could be from ancient civilizations or from other planets entirely or just sounds that are translating frequencies that are not specifically a language at all.

  • Mediumship - Communication with souls who have passed on may or may not be considered channeling. Some mediums speaks on behalf of non-physical beings but the beings may not speak directly through them.

  • Psychic Abilities - All the Clair-Abilities, telepathy, precognition, divination, dowsing...and so much more could be considered forms of channeling as well.

  • Of course, there are methods of channeling that don't fit into one of these categories or are a blend of a few of them.

Are Channelers Possessed?

A law in our universe is free will and that must be honored, even by entities that are more negatively oriented. If a channeler contacts another entity, they have full rights to their own body and mind and if they do not feel comfortable they can shut down the channeling at any moment. There are those who have supposedly reported being "taken over" by other beings without their consent, but these channelers, whether they know it or not, have at some level (even if it was unconscious) have agreed to the situation.

Every channeler that I have known personally or have seen/heard has expressly stated that they were in control of the channeling the entire time, even channelers who do so in a trance state. Even if a channeler appears to be "unconscious" while they channel, their spirit/soul is in watchful allowance in the non-physical realms and can choose to step in at any moment.

Is Channeling Evil or Demonic?

There are religious beliefs that deam channeling evil or dark or of the devil. And the reason for this is that certain religions have the foundational belief that everything is seperate. Holy and Evil. Light and dark. Good and Bad. When we view life in black and white terms, it can be hard to see the whole picture. Coming from a place of ONEness, that all things are of and created by Source Energy, nothing in an of itself is "bad or good" it is how we use the energy. If we use channeling for manipulation or control, it can be seen as a negative. If we use channeling for the upliftment and truth for all, it can be seen as positive.

If you have any other questions, please contact me HERE.


Disclaimer: I am not a medical or mental health professional. Any media, information or products associated with April Ann Roy are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure you and are meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. Seek professional help for any physical or mental health issues. Use any information or products at your own risk.

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